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Corn Plant Houseplant

Delray Plants Mass Cane in 8-3/4 in. Pot

Corn Plant, Dracaena

Size: 3 to 6 feet

Light Exposure: medium to bright indirect

Soil: well drained Miracle Gro Potting Mix

Watering: keep soil moist in spring and summer and allow top of soil to dry out in fall and winter

Feeding: feed monthly with Miracle Grow Indoor Plant Food

Ideal Temperature: 60° to 75°F

Safe for pets: No. this plant is toxic to cats and dogs


Some leaves will turn yellow once you get it home, as it is normal for it to experience some shock. Be sure your pot has good drainage and if the leaves continue to turn yellow, reduce watering. Keep this slow grower slightly rootbound, as it prefers it. You should fertilize monthly and repot it every 2 to 3 years. Keep back away from cold winter windows.

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