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Create Your Outdoor Relaxation Room

Why would you wait until you are deciding to sell your house to create that outdoor oasis that so many prospective buyers are looking for in a home? Wouldn’t you like to have a room outside that is so much more than anything inside?


Outdoor living is becoming a more and more popular trend with homeowners. It is a great way to spend a relaxing evening after a hard day’s work and a great place to entertain friends and neighbors. Whether you are making your patio an extension of the house or you are creating a sitting area nestled under the trees in the corner of the back yard, there are some helpful tips to help your oasis outside come together.



The rules of creating an outdoor room means that you replicate the indoors outside. All homes have flooring, therefore pavers are a great weather proof solution to bringing that dimension to your outdoor room. The Home Depot has a wide variety of pavers to assure that your room looks its best. We also have the know how to help make any how to project go seamlessly.



The relaxing crackling of a fire pit have seemed to replace the tranquil sound of koi ponds now that mosquito habitats have become so unpopular. Not only does the smoke of a fire pit deter biting insects, it helps take off the chill of the cool evening air. It is a great way to lure the kids outside, away from video games for family time making smores.


Outdoor rugs

In the house, a rug is the one thing that ties a room together and gives the finishing touch. This is the same for outside. An outdoor rug is what turns a patio into a room.


Freestanding walls or fences

Walls and fences are usually designed to close things in but when it comes to outdoor rooms, they are simply used to create definition to your room. These walls are there to create uniformity but not obstruct pathways or lines of sight. It can be a short brick wall designed to create more sitting area or it can be the wall of an outdoor kitchen. They can be made of wood and siding and painted a loud color to make your sitting area really pop. Freestanding walls can simply border one-half of one side of a room or it can be a 90 degree wall in the corner. Fencing is also a great option as well, as it obstructs the view less and is often more affordable.


Overhead lighting

String lighting overhead creates a ceiling effortlessly and is what really makes an outdoor room look like a room. These outdoor LED string lights will give your room the relaxing warm glow to make your get together just perfect. Because LED’s are very efficient, you can connect many strands together, free of worry.



Not many things can beautify a landscape more than a pergola. Pergolas are great over that sun drenched patio or sitting area. They provides sanctuary from the summer heat as well as a structure to hang your outdoor lights from. The Home Depot sells pergolas for the do it yourselfer or if you want it built on site, we can do that too.


Sheds and storage boxes

Storage is necessary when it comes to an outdoor room. Moisture can take its toll on even the most waterproof items. Deck boxes allow you to put the patio cushions in a safe dry place as well as things like charcoal if there is a grill present. Sheds can be dressed up to become part of your outdoor safe haven and be disguised to store things.


Patio sets

Every room in the house has furniture. Why would it be any different with your room outside? Perhaps the kids have gone off to college and you are simply looking for a bistro set to enjoy your morning coffee or evening glass of wine with your spouse. Bistro sets are great for small balconies or porches. Perhaps a 7 piece dining set is ideal. These will seat six and are great for dinner outside with the kids or simply entertain guests. Seating sets with loveseats and coffee tables are good for simply enjoying the company of friends and family. You will for sure find whatever patio set reflects your lifestyle and needs.


You do not have to be a painter or write books to find inspiration in the outdoors, although this is where painters and writers often find their inspiration. You simply have to make your outdoor room a reflection of you and your family.

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