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Creating a worktop

I have a microwave stand and left over floor tile.  I'd like to build & install a 2' x 3' worktop to the stand.  The tile is 12" x 12" x 1/4" marble and the top of the stand is approximately 16" x 25".  I plan on using the worktop as a serving station during parties.


Thanks for any ideas. 

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Posted 2011-09-29T20:15:50+0000  by mzfixit62 mzfixit62

Hey there mzfixit62!


Awesome name by the way! Welcome to the community = )


I like the premise of this project. So often I'll go out in the garage and find leftover pieces from a previous project that I had just finished. Instead of tossing them out, I always ask myself..."what can I make out of these?" Glad to see I'm not the only one = D


I would start out by finding a good base for your tiles to lay on. Since you're looking at doing a 2' x 3' area, I would suggest that you check by our lumber department. We carry a selection of our 4' x 8' materials in convenient 2' x 4' sections that are both easier to work with and more cost effective for this project. Since you're going to be placing marble on top of it and they can tend to be heavy tiles, I would suggest going with at least a 1/2" material. Since it's going to be hidden underneath it doesn't have to be fancy birchwood or anything like that, but make sure that it's sturdy. If you're going with a pressboard material, I would also look at getting some trim pieces as well, to finish off the sides of the board so that it really looks professional when it's all done.


Also since you don't want to bog it down with unnecessary weight, I would stay away from using thinset like you normally would with that type of tile. I would opt to use a construction adhesive like Liquid Nails Marble and Granite or Loctite PowerGrab. Both of which are available in caulking tubes and are easy to use, just make sure you give them a good amount of time to cure! Between the tiles you *can* grout it if you really want, but that's going to be another spot of added weight. I would try and get a good caulk to match the color of the granite and caulk between the joints. A silicone style will help keep it water resistant as well, which is always a plus = )


Loctite PowerGrab.PNG


If you are able to and you don't mind drilling into the side of the stand, I would also think about adding some hooks as well. They'd be really cool for hanging tongs or a soup ladle and would really be a cool addition to the serving stand too!


Just be sure to do a dry layout first before putting any of it together. Place your board up on the stand and then the tiles and make sure that the weight is okay. Also be sure that it's still sturdy and that it doesn't tip over with a simple brush by. If it looks good then get to it = )


Post up some pictures of the final product! We'd love to see how it turns out and perhaps you'll inspire some other DIY'ers out there!

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Posted 2011-09-29T20:52:54+0000  by Jay_HD_CHI

Thanks for the advice.  I will definitely work on this and post a photo when it's complete.:smileyvery-happy:  I'm looking forward to doing the work and using my new worktop.

Posted 2011-10-06T19:39:48+0000  by mzfixit62

Awesome! I'm really glad to hear that = )


I definitely look forward to seeing what you come up with. Let's show the rest of the community your handywork and then you can gloat to all your friends when they get jealous of your new worktop! =)

Posted 2011-10-06T20:06:55+0000  by Jay_HD_CHI

Added photo of the tiled worktop.  I still need to add the trim work, but it's totally functional.:smileyvery-happy

Posted 2011-11-04T01:33:22+0000  by mzfixit62

Hey mzfixit62,


Good to hear from you again!~


I'm glad to hear the worktop came out so good = ) I knew you had it in ya!~


I seem to be having trouble seeing the picture though = O Perhaps it didn't attach...




You can attach it directly into this post by using the insert picture button that I labeled in the picture below. Upload it straight from your computer and hit insert. = )


I look forward to seeing how awesome it turned out, though I'm already sure it looks amazing!~ ^_-

Posted 2011-11-04T13:47:04+0000  by Jay_HD_CHI
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