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Customer identifies areas of opportunity to improve Customer Relationships

I recently placed a furniture order online.  The order wad delivered to my door in record time with no coordination from home depot delivery couriers.   I arrived home to find the furniture to be awaiting me on my doorstep.  It looked as if it was plucked out of a dumpster and delivered to me.  After spending over $1100 for this one item, I was sorely disappointed in the service.  I immediately called to voice my concern with the furniture which looked to be damaged and the inconsiderate nature of how and when it was delivered.  I was questioned about my complaint, transferred to the resolution team(spoke with Tim there), offered a discount if I reordered the furniture with free shipping, told i would receive a shipping label to place on the mangled box the furniture piece was in, was told that a supervising manager would reach out to me to here my concern and discuss further.  None of that which I was told would happen, ever happened.   I called again. This time I was told it would be 1-2 business days for a manager to connect with me and that the pickup of the item would be scheduled within 3-5 business days. I received an email asking for me to call to schedule a pickup.  When I called, the Doraville home depot needed to be contacted to schedule the pickup.  They did not answer the phone.  These are areas of opportunity to improve.

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Posted 2020-03-16T20:56:16+0000  by Customerch Customerch

Posted 2020-03-16T21:00:33+0000  by Customerch
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