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Project Ideas: Indoor Decor

DIY Bed Slats/Support

Hi All..

Was seeking advice on how to make some type of bed slats to secure a foam mattress.  I have a bed frame, will post the picture below.  The spring mattress, and box springs are dying and my new foam mattress is on its way. So was seeking any easy, affordable way to just get a few 2x4 pieces of wood, cut at home depot to fit etc. Can't afford buying a new box spring, or some slats already made ( using them in the past were a nightmare) 

So hoping to find some advice, what to buy, tools, to make a mattress secure, and to help keep the wood on the metal etc the best ways. 

The bed frame I have already below

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Posted 2020-06-26T01:09:20+0000  by Davy333 Davy333
Home Depot doesn't do what are called "project cuts" when lumber is cut to a specific length for a project.  The purpose of the saws is simply to cut down lumber so that it fits in a vehicle.

I would probably reduce the spans with some 2x4 lumber on edge screwed through the rails and then top the whole thing with 1/2"plywood.

I'd think a local handyman could help you.  
Posted 2020-06-26T22:54:49+0000  by Adam444
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