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DIY Garage Duct insulation


I just bought a house and in the garage is a duct that supplies the rooms upstairs.  The old owners had the duct insulated with what looks to be attic insulation and then a wood box was built around it to finish the look.

I would like to remove the wood box and reinsulate the duct with newer insulation.  I also want to finish the outside with foam instead of the wood box originally used.  

Can some give advice on this?  Through some research I was thinking of wrapping the duct with fiber glass insulation and securing it together with Duct tape (the one actually meant for duct work) and then blocking in the insulation with foam boards to finish the look. 

Any insight on if this is a viable idea or if a different insulation should be used would be a big help.

Thank you
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Posted 2020-10-05T20:23:47+0000  by EN EN
Hi EN,

The previous owners used the wood box for a reason, trying to enclose an hvac duct with rigid foam will be a real challenge. Getting all of the pieces aligned and even will be very difficult. Duct tape is not the ideal item for securing foam board and will eventually dry up and fall off. If you want to conceal the duct work with a neat tidy enclosure I would stick with the wooden box, or build a wood frame and cover it with drywall.

Posted 2020-10-05T21:21:24+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
Hello EN.

Improving the quality of insulation around ducts is a fine idea.  How you do that is up to you.  My caution is that you should not have insulation as the finished surface.  After installing the new insulation, you should either revisit using wood or use drywall as the final exposed surface.  This is a fire hazard issue, and most areas have building codes that prohibit exposed insulation along walls and ceilings for that reason.


Posted 2020-10-06T18:42:32+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI
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