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DIY Garage Storage


As I drive through my neighborhood, I see garages so loaded with stored items there is no room left for the cars! Boxes and bins stacked everywhere, clothes racks, garden tools etc. These big mounds of stuff are disorganized and a major fire hazard. These storage nightmares can be eliminated with some basic tools and organization products from The Home Depot.

Let’s take a look at wall storage.




Pegboard Storage has been around for decades and is still a good method for storing tools and accessories. Modern peg board storage systems are made of steel for greater holding power, modern peg hook systems offer strength and flexibility to satisfy your storage needs.


 Slot Board

Slot Board Storage offers greater flexibility then pegboards and can hold bins and shelves, ladders and garden tools as well as whole cabinets while offering a much more attractive look for your garage.


Wire Shelving


Wire Shelving is available in numerous sizes and configurations, items can be stored on the shelves or placed in bins. Wire shelving is easy to assemble and can be positioned wherever there is a need for storage, even in the center of the room.

Metal Cabinets

Metal Floor Cabinets offer a neater and tidier storage solution; the doors hide all of the contents. Valuable items such as power tools can be secured and flammable or poisonous items kept out of the reach of children.


Modular Storage Systems

Modular Storage Systems offer integrated storage modules that connect together is a modern and stylish manor. You can add modules to the system at any time as your storage needs change. Integrated pegboard and slot wall systems allow you to create a total storage system.


Whatever your garage storage needs, The Home Depot can supply the ideal solution; from simple wire storage racks to a complete modular storage system, we're here to help. 


Need your new modular system installed? Our Home Services Division can get it setup and ready for you. Just give them a call at 1-800-557-5221


Mike, The Home Depot Answer Man

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