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DIY Indoor Children's Rock Climbing Wall

I am trying to build an indoor rock climbing wall for children up to 75-90 lbs. What type of lumber do I need to support that weight? The idea was to build the wall on a board and mount that against the dry wall. 
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Posted 2021-01-31T19:31:09+0000  by EzraS EzraS

Good morning EzraS,

Thanks for joining us here on the community.

There are more than several types of rock climbing walls you can install in your home. I've seen some that are individual pieces you can place directly onto a stud on a wall to entire panels. 

I'm reckoning you're wanting to do an entire wall piece. In either case, your best friend in this project would be a good stud finder to ensure any and all parts go directly into it to support the childs weight.

A stud finder won't just find the best fastening point for anything to hang, but a good one can find it on center for the maximum hold. If anything, I'd strongly suggest to invest a high quality stud finder for your build.  

In terms of wood to use, it would be preferable to use a hardwood species like oak, but if possible, having material like composite decking where it is smooth and uniform would be a safe and effective option, if not the best available. 

Avoid using any pressure treated lumber or softer wood species like pine. 

But again, depending on how and what type of climbing wall you choose will decide on the next steps. Fill us in on some more details, and we'd love to assist you further. 


Posted 2021-02-01T14:36:32+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
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