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DIY Jumbo Patriotic Yard Yahtzee Game



Have fun with your kids this summer season by creating a jumbo patriotic yard Yahtzee game! This is a great family project that will produce memories from the time of the construction of the dice right through the excitement of playing the game!



Step 1: Gather Materials and Tools


Stop by your local Home Depot, pick up a 4X4 post, and have it cut into square pieces, which is really  3.5 inch cuts to create the cubes for dice. (Check the cull lumber cart, which is where I found the remnant piece of post I used for this project) Ask the lumber associate for assistance, they are happy to help you locate the wood and cut it for you!



Also while at the Home Depot pick up: sanding sponge, red, white, and blue sample size paints, paint and stencil brushes,sharpie marker set, eye hooks, and a galvanized bucket. I picked up multi-sized star stencils at a local craft store, chalk and chalk marker too, ask at the paint desk if the stencils and chalk, and chalk marker are available in your local Home Depot, some store may stock the items but they are always available on Home!


Tools needed:  tape measure, yardstick, sanding sponge



Step 2


Sand the corners and edges of blocks, then paint  2 opposite sides red, 2 opposite sides white, and two opposite side blue allowing time to dry.



I did all the reds, waited and then all the whites and then all the blue sides.



Step 3


Paint bands of red and blue on bucket, this is easy! The bucket has raised and depressed band already, just use those as guidelines.



Step 4


Stencil Stars on the blocks, just like on dice 1 thru 6, also stencil random stars on bucket. 




Once stars are dry you can add an outline with the sharpie markers if you want, just to add a little more color.



Fill the bucket with blocks and set aside, it is time to make score card!



Gather materials: chalk board paint, chalk, chalk marker, yardstick, sharpies, eye hooks, ribbons, paint brush and stencil brush ,a board that measures 8x24 inches. (You can use any size board to make scoreboard i just happened to have this piece of wood left over from a previous project.)



Step 1


Lightly sand, and then paint the board with chalk board paint



Step 2


Measure, mark and paint a white band at 4 inches across the top of the board and 1.5 inches down the side of board.




Step 3


Measure and mark the front edge of the white band at 1.5 inch blocks with sharpie, label each block with the throw of the dice, there is 13 throw categories. I used the chalk marker across the chalkboard part of scorecard, and I allowed it to totally dry, then I seasoned the board by rubbing a piece of chalk over the entire board so that it is erasable, but the lines remain permanent.  



Step 4


Across the top band, mark and section off for the player’s space, about ¾ inch, for each just enough for each player’s first initial.


Step 5


Screw in the eye hooks about 1 inch from top edge, run a ribbon or string through the hooks to allow the scorecard to be hung while you play.






Nothing says summer like picnics, Bar-B-Qu’s, and outdoor fun and games, enjoy the beautiful outdoors….It is just the roll of the dice but; take a chance, invest the time and energy into making this patriotic, yard Yahtzee game.




Have fun!!!  



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Posted 2016-06-23T17:37:40+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS Maureen_HD_BOS
We love America :P Again good project :) 
Posted 2016-07-15T09:23:35+0000  by Aaron33
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