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Daisy Chaining T5 lights

I have 6, 2 ft., 2-lamp T5 flourescent lights that I'd like to daisy chain. We will be using the lights in our greenhouse to grow heirloom peppers and tomatoes from seedlings for our profit-sharing garden program at our 501(c)(3) non-profit. 

I want to be able to have enough extra cord between the lights to allow distance to move them and in case I decide to disconnect the light from the daisy chain and add a plug to make it a stand-alone light. 

These lights are Lithonia and 120V.

Since we have a low budget, I would like to buy a 50' extension cord and cut it up use at the cord between the lights and as the cord connected to the electrical outlet. 

Do you recommend any specific gauge of extension cord or foresee any issues with this set up an materials used? Also, any ideas on less expensive cords, which will produce the same results, would be helpful. However, I'd like to consider the extension cord as the first option since I may be able to secure one as a donation. 
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Posted 2017-04-18T21:40:20+0000  by CYweGarden CYweGarden

Hello CYweGarden,

Thanks for your question and welcome to the community.

You can still be on a budget, and still safely install the T5 fixtures without issue. I mention this because extension cords aren't designed to be installed as you wish them to be used in your case. 

And since these fixtures will be placed inside a high humidity greenhouse, it's a better idea to use higher quality wiring than just cutting corners via an extension cord. In fact, extension cords aren't meant for permanent usage and can become brittle and dry rot over time due to UV exposure.

I would recommend (and it's not that expensive vs an extension cord) to use either exterior grade UF Romex cable or to place THHN wire in 1/2" PVC conduit to connect everything together. 

If you do those options, they can give you a better solution for your fixtures. Cheaper doesn't always mean better in regards to everyone's safety.

Let us now if you have any further questions.


Posted 2017-04-22T18:18:13+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
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