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Dazzling Dahlias

Nothing shines in the heat of the dog days of summer like the multi layered, dazzling dahlia. 

Dahlias are a unique summer flowers with their big, bright, happy heads they reign supreme over any other posies that dare to flower in their shadow.

Dahlias offer such a wide variety of different shapes, sizes and colors, and can boast single daisy like flowers to blossoms that have layers and layers of petals, too infinite to count.

The thing about dahlias is that you need to plan if you wish to see them grow in your garden. Dahlias grow from tubers that need to be planted into the ground, here in the north east, in the spring after the threat of frost has past, so planning is key to a bright display of dahlia blooms in the summer and into the fall.

When dahlias are in full bloom, in the dead summer heat, I always regret that I never planted the tubers in the spring. The spring is always so busy; I have the best intentions to organize myself, and my garden schedule, to select the dahlia tuber when they arrive in the early spring, but that has yet to happen, but my love for dahlias “grows” more and more each year.

Last summer I used dahlias in a bridal bouquet and I was completely smitten with the glory of the dahlia flower heads, they were spectacular!

Fortunately, Home Depot has potted dahlias for sale in the garden departments of New England right now. Stop by your local Home Depot and check out the selection dahlias for your region of the country, and if you are lucky you will see the breath taking blooms of the dazzling dahlias.

Dahlias are so worth the bit of effort it takes to care for the tubers and prolong the plants many lives from season to season. Dahlias are a tropical plant so they will not winter over where a hard winter frost takes place; the tubers should be dug up from the ground once a true frost has turned the foliage black. After the tubers have been raised, they should be rinsed off and allowed to fully dry on newspaper in a warm, sunny spot. Place the dry tubers in peat moss or saw dust, within a paper bag, (no plastic) until the next spring when the planting process repeats itself.

Plan and plant some dahlias in your garden!



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