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Dealing with asbestos tiles

My wife and I recently purchased a home with asbestos tiles.  We can not afford abatement right now, and I’ve read mixed reviews about using a self leveling concrete like Henry’s 555.  Please, can you offer some advice for safely proceeding?  We want to somehow seal the asbestos tiles and use a modern peal and stick vinyl tile for now.
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Posted 2019-10-06T09:50:05+0000  by SillyWitness SillyWitness
Understand that asbestos is only dangerous when it’s broken or damaged and small pieces become airborne.  Also, the adhesive contains asbestos as well.  If the tile is in good shape there’s no need to “encapsulate” it with something like a self-leveling compound.  If you do have damage it might be better to bite the bullet and remove the damaged areas now.  Many states allow homeowners to remediate small areas without a license.  You just need to follow the appropriate precautions and remember that people who did contract diseases related to asbestos exposure whose who were exposed on a regular basis for years. 

I’m less than keen on the idea of using a self-stick tile just because it might make future remediation more difficult.  I think something like a loose lay or perimeter glue vinyl sheet would be a better idea.  Or one of the “floating” floors like vinyl planks or laminate.

Good luck!
Posted 2019-10-06T12:25:22+0000  by Adam444
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