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Defiant Model 32648

Defiant Model 32648 will not turn light switch on and off automatically.

Yesterday I had to replace a GE Model 15071 light switch timer with a new Defiant Model 32648 light switch timer.  The wiring information for the old timer indicated that the load line was the black wire connected to the red wire on the old timer switch which worked perfectly for many years wired this way. So I used the same black wire as the load wire on the new timer switch.  I then made the line connection and the neutral and ground connections as the instructions for the new switch showed.

The timer is working and advancing the day, date and time.  I have checked and rechecked the dawn and dusk and am and pm settings.  I can turn the light on and off manually.  I reset the whole thing once and went back to default settings and programmed it again from the beginning.  Again the timer works perfectly and manually turning the switch on and off also works.  But still the timer will not turn the lights on and off automatically when set to “auto”.

Is this timer defective or could there be some other reason this is not working?

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Posted 2018-12-03T13:08:31+0000  by mpw mpw


I got the answer by calling 1-844-871-8796.  Home Depot's electrical help tech explained this is a common problem.  When I installed the timer and set the times I wanted for Dusk and Dawn I thought I was done.  I was not.  Next I have to tell the timer to use those times which means you have to set at least one Program.

I set Program 1 to use default all days of the week and to turn on at Dusk and off at Dawn.  This program will then use the times I previously set for Dawn and Dusk.

I’ll see what happens tonight and report back, but I think this solves the problem.  

Posted 2018-12-03T14:13:39+0000  by mpw
Timer switch working perfectly now.  Setting up the time to use for dusk and dawn is not enough.  It is necessary to set at least one program using those times.
Posted 2018-12-05T21:51:03+0000  by mpw
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