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Defiant digital timer

Hi, I just bought a Defiant digital timer for my porch light.So, I followed the instruction and installed the timer, there are three wires from the timer, black, blue and green. I connected as the the following, the black to black, blue to black and green to white ( guess the white is neutral). after I switch the timer power on, the light is glowing dimmer. when i click the on button, the light is very bright. 

So, i thought i connected the wires wrong, and I reverse the black and blue wires, and left the green untouched, the results were the same as before. 
what could be the reason ? 

My intention was use the timer and I won't worry about turn it and off everyday. but it seems like it doesn't work in that way, I still have to manually turn power on/off to turn the light on and off. 
any help is very appreciated !

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Posted 2017-04-21T03:50:55+0000  by davidpan davidpan
Sorry to hear you are having trouble.  It's always helpful in these situations to tell us exactly what model of timer you purchased.  First off the green wire from the timer is the equipment ground and should be connected in your junction box to either a bare copper wire, a green wire, or in the case of a metal junction box sometimes directly to the box with a machine screw.

Since you have only three wires coming out of the timer I have to wonder if this isn't one of the older style Defiant timers that doesn't require a neutral wire.  If that's the case, these timers DO NOT work properly with CFL or LED bulbs.  If you're using one of those types of bulbs, try replacing it with an ordinary incandescent or halogen bulb.  If the problem goes away, then you have your answer.  If not, something is wired incorrectly or the timer is defective.  How about taking a couple of pictures of your timer and junction box and posting them.

Posted 2017-04-21T08:51:02+0000  by Adam444
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