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Designing My Living Room


I'm looking for opinions. My style/color choices tend to be "safe" by default, so I'm looking to see if this more "modern" approach would work.

I'm trying to decorate my living room. The walls are currently white and the carpet is beige. The only other thing in the room is a brick fireplace.

I found a great couch for a great price. Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of it, but it's a 2-piece sectional with a two-cushion love seat and a chaise on the end. The base is black leather and has solid "smokey" grey cushions. The back has throw pillows, alternating between the solid grey and a patterned pillow with a circle pattern that goes between beige and black.

My plan is to replace some of the solid grey throws with accent color pillows. My initial idea was a burnt/rust orange (main accent) and some shade of maroon (secondary accent).

What's happened is that I found the great coffee table that I absolutely love, but it's a "dark brown" finish. I've been reading up on articles about color pallets, and I'm trying to figure if I can get this to work into my living room. Here's a link to the table:

My initial tendency is to purchase a black coffee table, but I really love the design of this one.

Now, I have only purchased the couch so far, so most of this is up in the air. I'm just trying to find out if the colors could work together in the room.

I'd be happy to give more info if that will help, but I've tried to be very detailed.

Any advice/help someone might have would be greatly appreciated!



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Posted 2012-06-25T00:42:18+0000  by airic82 airic82

Ok... I found an image of my couch here:

Posted 2012-06-25T00:47:41+0000  by airic82

Hello Eric and thank you for joining The Community.  We are glad that you are here.


Congratulations on finding such beautiful furniture!  The couch looks fabulous for entertaining or watching the game.  The coffee table adds interest with storage options and unique levels. 


Since you found the “the great coffee table that I absolutely love,” you just have to work it into your decor.  On the photo that you provided, notice that the wall shelves are a lighter wood and the door/divider is a different slightly darker wood.  The brick fireplace is in your room (possibly red and taupe tones) and may be on a viewing wall or opposite wall with regards to your furniture placement.


Use this couch.jpg


So far you have a neutral based palette.  (Hopefully your coffee table will not be levitating!)  Several ways that you can incorporate some accent color into the room that will “pull the neutrals together” include:


paint choices.jpg


1. Replacing several of the throw pillows is a great start.  Your idea to use burnt/rust orange (main accent) and some shade of maroon (secondary accent) will add some pop into the room.  You can also add solid pillows and find patterned pillows with those colors incorporated to pull this look together. (Colors shown as paint chips, left to right: YOLO Colorhouse 1-Gallon Clay, BEHR Premium Plus Ultra #UL100-6 Red Velvet, Glidden DUO 8 oz. Cinnamon Stick.)


modern rugs.jpg


2. The carpet is beige so consider adding a rug under the coffee table and extend under the front of the couch.  The rug can be a design or possibly multiple tones that will incorporate the color scheme (beige/ rust/maroon).  The rugs shown are more “modern” and less conservative.  (Shown, left to right: Nourison Overstock Aspects AP05 Burgundy , Home Decorators Collection Swirl Terra, and Artistic Weavers Waterloo Burgundy.)


3. You mentioned that your walls are white. The brick fireplace is also in the room (possibly red and taupe tones).  Is there a wall or cubby that can be painted an accent color?  A “warm” white will soften the room. 


window wood blinds.jpg


4. Are there many windows in this room?  Window treatments can add some interest.  If there is a lot of light, consider adding a sheer curtain with lined drapes (to keep the cool inside during the summer and outside in the winter).  A more masculine look could incorporate shutters or wood (or faux or composite) blinds.  These could have a wood or wood-look that matches the coffee table and bring in more brown tones. 


5. What type of artwork will be on the walls?  Will there be shelving for displays or storage?  These can incorporate modern elements into the living room.


6. Will there be other furniture in the room? Do you have end tables near the couch?


7. Will there be floor lamps or table lamps in the room?  Adding a touch of metal will bring some balance to the room.  Bronze / brass or even brushed nickel may be good choices.



ceiling fan.jpg


8. Is there a ceiling fan in the room?  Some have reversible blades so you can get two looks for the price of one!


9. Fresh flowers and plants (even “faux” plants”) can add a finished look to your room.  Be sure to select a real plant that will meet the light requirements found in the room (or keep the faux ones clean).


objets dart.jpg


10. Will there be one single or main accent in the room – such as large glass vase, a display, a collection, or a large television? 


These are just a few ideas to get you started.  Best wishes on decorating and please send us photos of your finished living room!



Posted 2012-06-26T15:24:35+0000  by Eileen_HD_ATL


Thank you so much for your amazing reply. When I posted, I didn't expect such a detailed response, let alone from someone from Home Depot!


I'm very excited. I'm just waiting for the final say on if I get the condo or not.


2. I'm pretty sure that I'll end up with a rug connecting the couch to the table.


3. I'm definitely adding an accent wall. The walls were just painted white, so I'm thinking about adding an accent wall behind the couch. Not sure exactly which color I would use for that. My first instinct is the orange, but I could also see the marroon.


Ultimately, I'll replace the carpet with a pergo floor, but for now, I think this will work.


4. There's a sliding glass door across from the entry way to the room and two small, square windows on either side of the fireplace. I will probably add blinds and some kind of drapes over them.


5. I have some wall art already: two dark brown wooden frames and a metal art piece that has a worn/rusted look to the edges. I'm also thinking that I'll add a mirror somewhere to help the room feel larger. Also, maybe some small shelves to add some more pops of color around the room.


6. I'll start with the chair table that matches the coffee table. I think that will fill the room well without anything else. I will probably end up purchasing the matching end table as well. It wouldn't fit on the wall alongside the couch, but I might use it somewhere else in the room or keep it in another room until I get a large home someday.


7. I'm picturing one floor lamp behind the corner of the couch. I have a tall, black lamp that has cylindrical shades. It has one pointing directly up and another that's adjustable for reading. I will probably add the mirror around the lamp to help bounce the light. I like your idea of replacing it eventually with a brushed nickel, but for now, I'll probably use what I have.


8. There isn't any overhead lighting or fans in the room.


9. I agree. I was going to get something (probably faux... I am a guy :P) and put it on the coffee table. I'm going to use some black and accent colored nik-nacks on the table. That's part of why I love the design, since it's so open with many levels.


10. I don't think so, unless you count the wall. I'm thinking of carrying the accent colors out using little items (like your glass jar examples) throughout the room with the exception of the accent wall.


Thanks again for all of your advice. If there's anything you can add based on what I just said, I'd gladly welcome the advice. :)



Posted 2012-06-27T00:18:10+0000  by airic82

Hello again Eric. I am glad to know that these ideas may work for you!


Here are some more comments and ideas:


2. Since your longer term plans are for a Pergo floor, just remember to add a rug pad under the rug to protect the floor.


3. You are starting from white walls so you have a lot of options.  Consider an accent wall in a deeper color – the fireplace wall with the two windows sounds like a great place to add a punch of color.  With the wall “broken up,” your color will have an impact without overpowering the room. A great idea is to purchase testers (8 ounce containers) of a desired color and paint a 4'x4' swatch on the wall.  Allow several days for you to observe the color in daylight, nightlight, and lamp-light.  This is an inexpensive way to select a color before you bring out the rollers and paint supplies.


Paint Choices Refined.jpg

(Shown: BEHR Premium Plus Fall Straw, BEHR Ultra Whispering Peach, and BEHR Premium Plus Coppery)


4. There are several window treatment options, including matching the fabric and style of the vertical blinds (over the sliding glass door) to the horizontal blinds (the two windows on either side of the fireplace).   There are also natural (horizontal) blinds that can add a decorative touch to the room.  You may want to add a liner for privacy or light control.  If the sliding glass door is south facing, consider adding a liner or select a window treatment suited for energy savings.  Since you are in a condo, there may be a “white-out” restriction (all window treatments must have a white exterior view for building uniformity).


Natural Shades.jpg


5. A circular mirror can add additional interest:




(Shown: Home Decorators Collection Patrick Round Mirror)


6. The chair rail sounds like a nice touch.  Consider an accent color and painting the upper part of the wall a lighter color than the lower part of the wall.  You may also want to add moulding to the windows and sliding glass door.  Our Moulding Buying Guide can give you more ideas.


9. If you have small knick-knacks, consider placing them on a decorative platter or large charger – and add a candle for softness!



(Shown: Home Decorators Collection Copper-Plated Iron Charger)


Best wishes and I hope you get the condo!



Posted 2012-06-27T14:39:43+0000  by Eileen_HD_ATL
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