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Diatomaceous Earth (DE Powder), the Miracle Organic Insecticide

What is DE powder and how does it work?

DE powder is the remains of fossilized water plants or plankton. The skeletal remains leave talc-like powder called diatoms. This powder is organic and safe for pets and humans as long as you use the food grade DE Powder. Did you know that you probably eat this DE powder every day? That’s right; agriculturally DE powder is put in different types of grains to keep bugs from eating them. This is the grain that is used to make the bread of that sandwich you had for lunch.


It may just look like powder to us but at a microscopic level and from bugs prospective it looks like a big sticky piece of broken glass that is just begging to shred them to pieces. This powder sticks to the insect’s exoskeleton and proceeds to kill them as they move around. It is getting cold and the bugs want inside to curl up to the warm fireplace with you.


Bed bugs

This is often an uncomfortable topic for people to talk about when they come into the store. This should not be the case, as most infestations are brought into the house shortly after staying at hotels with these nasty critters. Being the holiday season, chances are that some of these critters will become someone’s unwelcome house guest.


I can’t think of a better product to kill bugs that are in my bed. There is no chemical out there that I want on the same surface that I am sleeping on. This non-chemical option is ideal for this. This is just one of the many bugs that DE kills. There are other options for bed bugs. Just lightly dust your entire mattress, box spring and any carpet below with DE powder and vacuum it up thoroughly after a few hours. You will need to dust under the bed and even along the baseboards and dressers and nightstands, as these suckers will hide everywhere. Wash all bedding and mattress pads as well.


What other insects will this kill?

This will kill many flying insects and crawling insects that come across it. It will kill bugs that come indoors, like fleas, lice, cockroaches, ants, silverfish, flies and many others. Outdoors, it can kill flea beetles, snails, slugs, ticks, mites, thrips and many other outdoor insects.


Where do I apply DE Powder?

On livestock, a food grade DE Powder can be put on the coat of the animal to kill flies and their larvae. Put it in their bedding, pens, stalls and other places bugs might want to congregate. 

In the basement, I put it along the walls, and brick ledges. I dusted it in the closets where bugs might want to go and I never see living bugs, only dead ones.


Don’t worry, if you are using this outside, as it will not hurt your beloved earthworms or pets (unless you have an art farm).

It is not recommended that you breath in this product for prolonged periods of time but you will also not find an inorganic chemical that kills as many pests as this organic insecticide.

This DE powder is not food grade. Food grade will say it directly on the package. This one is made from food grade DE powder but is not made for consumption.

Read the reviews on this product from our customers that used it.


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