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Discoloration on tile of bathroom floor

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Posted 2014-05-20T12:38:00+0000  by douglemons douglemons
Hi Dl,

Mineral deposits from the water and over spray from cleaning agents can discolor tile.

A through cleaning often helps, however the cleaning procedure depends upon the type of tile you have.

Natural stone requires a different cleaning technique than ceramic tile.

Please resend your picture and let me know what kind of tile it is .


Posted 2014-05-20T19:01:07+0000  by Mike_HD_OC

Posted 2014-05-20T19:07:07+0000  by douglemons
Hey Mike - Thanks for the response. Picture is inserted. Could it be leaking from the shower glass?
Posted 2014-05-20T19:08:05+0000  by douglemons
Hi Di,

Sorry I haven't replied sooner.

Yes, I believe it is indeed a leak at the base of the shower enclosure.

The next time you use the shower take a hair dryer and dry up the spot, then after you shower take a look.

If is wet in the same spot, then the shower enclosure is leaking. The spray from the shower head is probably
hitting that spot and the water is seeping out.

  A little silicone sealer on the inside along the base should solve the problem.

Posted 2014-06-30T16:42:05+0000  by Mike_HD_OC

Were you able to get a resolution to this? I'm dealing with the exact same problem in my bathroom.

Posted 2015-03-02T15:04:59+0000  by shaunharris
Hey douglemons and shaunharris,

Do either of you have a dog that sleeps on that tile to stay cool?

My yellow lab makes a similar spot on the grout.

The natural oil in his coat embeds and can only be removed with Non-Acidic Grout Cleaner.

After you remove the spot, take time to seal the grout with TileLab Gloss Sealer.

Acidic grout cleaner is much stronger, but is not recommended for marble, stone, Corian, or metal.
Posted 2015-11-05T20:14:29+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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