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Dogs escaping under chain link fence

This is Greengiant from the community and recently I have had to deal with my 2 dogs escaping the back yard by tunneling under the fence. Shawn on Twitter also had the same problem and asked me how to fix it. It inspired me to share my thoughts.


I discovered that there are 2 types of escaping dogs.


There are dogs like mine that wanted to escape due to sheer boredom. My dogs are fixed but they could see through the fence and see that the grass was indeed greener on the other side. When they started digging they would wedge themselves under the fence, which would make it buckle and bend in places. I went to Home Depot and bought some landscape stakes and tried to stake the fence down which was no match for their boredom. They quickly escaped again, which set plan B in motion. I went back to Home Depot and bought some landscape timbers and wire and wired the boards to the bottom of the fence to make it more rigid. This worked for about a week, but bored dogs have time to think and they discovered that by digging deeper they can find freedom once again. Plan C was next, which meant throwing big boulders into the holes. These boulders were too big to drag out of said hole. This just made them start somewhere else along the fence with the whole escape process.


Since my dogs were not jumpers and only saw the way out as under the fence, once I ran an electric fence wire 6 inches out from the chain link fence and 6 inches from the ground this is where my problems stopped. Sure, some think that maybe this will hurt a dog and I touched the wire and it does not tickle but I figured that it hurts a lot less than getting hit by a car. My dogs touched this wire 1 time and quickly lost their desire to escape from that time on. If you already have a fence then this may be an option.


Dogs that are not spayed or neutered cannot be contained by a house sometimes, which makes a fence no match when that time comes. I have found that dogs are less likely to try to escape when they are in a privacy fence that they cannot see through. This will make a dog more oblivious as to what is happening out front which makes them less ambitious to dig out. The Home depot sells the 6 foot dog eared picket fencing which I have found to works great for the containment of dogs. If you do not already have a fence than I would recommend having a 6 foot tall privacy fence installed by The Home Depot.






A dog that gets plenty of play time each day and has plenty of room to run is also less likely to become an escape artist. If your dog is a chewer, then give him plenty of chew approved toys to play with as well so he does not decide to chew the wires off of the air conditioner unit. Learn from me the easy way so you don’t learn the hard way like I did.


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Posted 2011-10-06T16:25:25+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL Ingar_HD_ATL

I pretty much had a similar problem as' greengiant' did. I solved the problem for my Chihuahua with half inch emt conduit. I cut pieces into 18" lengths and pounded them into the ground about 6 inches apart. That solved my problem. I purchased the conduit from Home Depot electrical department.

Posted 2011-10-06T16:51:22+0000  by prospector_59

Hey prospector_59.


That is a very good idea, and a lot less cumbersome. I will make this my new suggestion in the store. That is what this community is all about, comparing new good ideas. Thanks for sharing.

Posted 2011-10-06T17:33:59+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL
This worked for me too, thanks Prospector_59!
Posted 2016-08-17T20:10:36+0000  by Chris2
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