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Dremel Stylo+ Craft Rotary Tool Kit

Dremel Stylo+ Versatile Craft Tool | Shop Dremel

Recently, I had a chance to use a small and compact rotary tool set for a project that I'd love to share here.  

The reason I needed to use it was for detail cleaning up a wood project. Beyond working in the aisles at my local Home Depot store and behind a keyboard helping folks online here, I dabble in the art of pyrography, or wood burning in my spare time.

While I could write an entirely different article of that, I'll save that one for a later date :-)  In this post, I will go over why I needed a small rotary tool to sand down some very small areas to give it a better look.

And that's where the Dremel Stylo+ Craft Rotary Kit comes in. What makes this kit different than its other Dremel counterparts or other rotary tools out there is it's low price and small size. 

For small projects and hobby works, this makes it the absolute best Dremel tool set out there, so let me talk about it more in detail below.

As shown below, it's not just the tool itself you are getting. It's also 15 accessories or really tips that can give you things such as engraving glass and leather, to what I needed, just to chisel and sand out some minute pieces of a plywood surface.

After opening the box and reading the instruction manual, I was ready to use the 105 engraving/carving tip.

If you aren't aware, the tips for almost all Dremel tools are fastened by way of a small wrench that is provided to ensure they are safely secured.

For my woodburning commissions, I find that the burning tool can frequently bleed over and overheat detailed areas that should be left as is.

Since it is a rotary tool, you need to familiarize yourself with it before starting any project. I used a test board of plywood and adjusted the speed settings (shown below) to get the correct look I wanted before continuing.

The owners manual was extremely helpful with getting the correct tip and speed. Failure to heed this advice can easily break off the tips, and possibly lead to injury.

The Dremel Stylo+ really helped out clean a portrait on cabinet grade plywood I am currently working on, as seen below:

If you are looking for doing small craft projects and getting the best detail by way of polishing, grinding, or engraving, I would seriously recommend you to use this rotary tool set.

It's helped me out immensely, I can't wait for other projects I can do with it, and hopefully share it here as well!

Let us know if you have any questions regarding this or any craft projects you may encounter.


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Posted 2021-01-25T17:16:15+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL Joseph_HD_ATL
Very useful info, thanks for sharing with us! fall guys
Posted 2021-02-25T04:38:53+0000  by anatoliaa
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