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Project Ideas: Seasonal & Holiday

Easy DIY Easter Planter


Say hello to spring and Happy Easter with a quick, easy seasonal planter.




Stop by your local Home Depot and pick up some early, bright, spring plants…pansies, daffodils, violas, and also grab a bag of dried moss.


Gather a few plastic Easter eggs, some spools of pastel ribbons and a hot glue gun. Make knotted ribbon loops and attach the ribbon with a dab of hot glue to the eggs, then let the glue cool.



Take a walk and hunt for a fallen branch, a small single or multi twigged branch, with a good long center stalk…. that will be the center piece for your planter. Branches are everywhere at this point in the season; I found my branch in a pile of yard waste a neighbor was getting ready to bag and tie up for recycling.


With a fresh bag of potting mix plant up your spring flowers in your favorite planter, place the branch in the center; press the soil solidly around it, top dress the soil and around the flowers with the moss.



Finally hang the eggs from the branch, and nest a few eggs in the moss!  This enchanting planter takes very little time to create, but the fun, magical appeal is huge!


Create a little magic, place some springtime wonder by your front door….you will hatch a lot of smiles!!



Enjoy the new beginnings of the season, Maureen  



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Posted 2016-03-22T13:56:02+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS Maureen_HD_BOS
Well , I like your idea. But this time I tried this,
Posted 2016-04-06T05:22:05+0000  by ACBrawn

Hi AC Brawn, thanks for sharing. Please come back with more of your ideas and please share the steps in how to make your project. We look forward to hearing from you again and please share your knowledge with the rest of the forum.

Posted 2016-04-25T17:50:36+0000  by Ken_HD_OC
Not what you were looking for ? Try posting a question