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Project Ideas: Seasonal & Holiday

Easy Holiday Solar Post Lantern


Lets get ready for the holidays!

Decorating is a beloved holiday tradition; creating a warm, festive and inviting welcome for holiday guests is the ultimate goal for all who deck the halls and decorate for the holiday season. At the Home Depot, we have fabulous displays of holiday decorations to purchase and bring home to spread joy and holiday cheer to your home, inside and out!

At the West Roxbury Home Depot, in Boston, Ma., the Christmas live goods and greenery selection is vast and stocked full, the variety of wreaths, roping, kissing balls, decorative holiday planters and potted evergreens is quite extensive…so much so that the fresh cut greens, trees and wreaths spill over into a small section of the parking lot "the Christmas corral" to make the holiday shopping experience grand! The holiday greens / live goods corral is the perfect place to leisurely stroll and shop our collection of living evergreen trees some are all decorated for the holidays, and some a waiting for your unique decorative touches.  A living tree or evergreen shrub makes a wonderful gift, a gift that will be rooted in memories for years to come!

Inside the walls of garden department thousands of fresh cut Christmas trees are all lined up, in the their designated spots, just waiting to go home with their perfect customer. I have sold Christmas trees for so long, (23 years) I do believe that in some case the tree picks the people…A tree can be laying around for all day and it is looked at by so many people and deemed an “just okay tree” and then, the tree is stood up by a customer, and it becomes the most beautiful tree on the lot…a bit of Christmas magic!

The "live goods" the potted living evergreens stand in red pots in the corral outside the store, decorating out there is always a bit of a challenge. Segregating a bit of the parking lot to become a festive, inviting, open holiday shopping area  that is safe and secure is a task that we take very seriously…but we want to make festive and inviting. 

The West Roxbury, Home Depot, has fashioned a holiday lantern post that defines and fences off the potted evergreens. The posts were construct by materials that are available in the store, these post can be easily reproduce with many different adaptations, and decorated in so many ways, all you need is your imagination!

Matterials: 6ftX2 inch PVC pipe, Homer Bucket, quick setting concrete, solar powered landscape lights, 2x2 foam insulation board, black gorilla duct tape, foam pipe insulation, and some ook hooks, and plastic chain if you want to make connection.

Step1: Mix the concrete, 1 bag of concrete will do 3 buckets, fill the bucket one third full, wait until the concrete starts to firm a bit.

Step2: Insert the 6 ft. PVC pipe into the center of the cement mixture and hold straight until the cement sets…less than 5 minutes.

Step3: Cover the homer bucket with landscape fabric, a 44 inch piece in length cut from a 3ft wide roll, fold in half and wrap the bucket, hold it in place with red duct tape in two stripes, it looks festive! A piece of doubled burlap woud work great as well tied off with some rustic twine….anything is possible!

Step4: If you are going for the candy cane look, wrap red duct tape around the pole. The pole could also be painted a traditional black, or any color you desire.

Step5: Cut a 5x5-lantern base from the solid foam board, press the landscape light pole in the center of the square, carve a small inverted valley around the hole to seat the lantern base in so it sits flush with the foam base. Cover the 5x5 foam with black duct tape.

Step6: Decorate a 12-inch wreath with simple decorations; I used three pieces of 18-inch ribbon and simply tied it to the wreath. Place the wreath over the pole and set on top of bucket.  

Step7: Now is the time if you want a hook on the post (for a chain) drill a7/8 hole for the ook hook. Next Insert a 12-inch long pieces of pipe insulation into the top of the PVC pipe, this will help to secure the landscape light pole and keep it from rocking.

Step 8: Assemble the lantern, cut a piece of ribbon 36 inches long, snip a hole in the center of the strand, lay the piece of ribbon over the top of pipe, put the 5x5 lantern base over the pole, insert the solar landscape light pole into the foam lined PVC pole.

Step 9: Place the decorative lantern in a fun spot, all it needs is a little sunshine and as soon as the sun goes down it will illuminate and add a little welcome light, to a pathway, or garden.Line the lanterns up like festive soldiers on guard, link them together with a chain or rope, the line of lanterns will designate and enhance any space even add a little festive touch to a parking lot! 

The Home Depots across the country are ready for you, we are here to help you find the perfect Christmas tree, fresh cut greens, lights and ornaments, and also everything you wish to put under the tree...Stop by your local Home Depot you will find what you need to make this the merriest Christmas ever!  

Enjoy this easy holiday lantern project!    Maureen

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Posted 2017-11-16T17:28:42+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS Maureen_HD_BOS
How fantastic is that?!? I love the idea and how easy is that to do? It would look great on a walkway or long driveway.
Posted 2017-11-28T19:58:04+0000  by Grow2girl
Thank you Grow2girl!

It is a super easy project to make and it certainly will make the season bright!   

Merry Christmas,
Posted 2017-11-30T15:40:38+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS
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