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Easy to Build Pantry

A Study in Space:Living in a small space makes you aware of every inch in every room. Utilizing corners and wall space with shelves, ledges, and hooks; imagining corners with baskets and cubes that will produce holding capabilities without encroaching too much on floor space is an ongoing mental challenge for me.

I have been eyeing a corner of my back hall since I moved into my tiny house almost 2 years ago. I have constructed and deconstructed storage units for that corner in my mind since the day I moved in. The hall is a small-unheated space that measures a whole 4.5 feet by 5.5 feet, but the tiny foot print boast a wall height of 7.5 feet, so vertical is the way to go!

I have imagined a small pantry unit that will accommodate dry goods, small appliances, and some unruly plastic food containers. I definitely want something with doors, as much as I enjoy the neat, uncluttered open shelving concept, the reality is that the doors will hide all my unorganized ways.

I have decided to foot the pantry with casters so that I can move it easily when it is time to tile the hall floor, another project that I have been doing in my mind since moving in.

I was totally inspired after reading my colleague Mikes article, discussing kitchen pantry storage, I decided it was time to make my vision happen.

The components used to build the pantry unit are in stock at your local Home Depot.


Two 18X30X12 Hampton Bay wall kitchen cabinets in satin white

Three – 4-inch rubber casters

One locking 4-inch rubber caster

One piece of 12X18 inch plywood

One piece of 1.5x15 inch piece of primed pine 

Sample size white paint

Wood screws

Tools needed: Drill, driver bits, tape measure, level

I had the plywood cut at the Home Depot, one piece that measuring 12X18; I painted the piece white and let it dry thoroughly.

Start by removing the cabinets from cardboard packaging, take the loose shelves and shelf pins and set them aside.

Determine what direction your doors should open and then flip the cabinet upside down to work on the bottom of the cabinet.

Step1: Pre drill the plywood to attach to the base bottom to create a flush surface for the casters.

Step2: Place the caster on the corners of the base, mark, pre drill and then screw the casters into place, (I used a metal washer to ensure a solid fit) flip over base cabinet.

Step3: Attach a cleat, (a small piece of wood) that measure 15 inches by 1.5 inches, screw the piece to the inside lip on the top back of the bottom cabinet, creating a ridge for the top cabinet to seat up against; it will also provide a secure spot for the two cabinets to be attached together.

Step4: Stack second cabinet onto the base; predrill the holes for screws, drill the lip and through the cleat to fasten both cabinets together.

Step5: Roll the pantry into place, and lock the wheels.

I found that the back hall floor is not completely level; something that I did not anticipate. I also found the pantry unit is a bit heavier in the front, due to the weight of the doors; coupled with the slight un- level floor, for safety I secured the pantry into place. I used three a 2.5-inch self-tapping screws, with a washer, drill right through the top back lip of the cabinet into the cement board and stud behind the cabinet. The screws can be easily removed when it is time to tile the floor.

The pantry unit can also be made with solid legs, be sure to check the floor to see if it is level, and secure the unit in place for safety.

Creating storage space is such a “neat” positive thing to do…Like Benjamin Franklin said “a place for everything and everything in its place”. 

Before ^^^^


Find a place to create a storage unit, this closet would great for crafts supplies or board games, in a basement great to organize tools, or in a garage to house garden supplies. This is an easy project, which produces a lot of storage space! 

I hope this project "opens the door" and inspires you to find a place to create a neat storage space.       Maureen


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