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Elephant Ear, Colocasia esculenta

Perennial of the week
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Common Name: Elephant Ear

Type: Perennial bulb

Family:  Araceae

Zone: 8 to 10     Find Your Zone

Height: 3 to 6 feet

Width: 3 to 6 feet

Bloom Time: seldom flowers

Bloom Color: cream

Sun exposure:sun to partial shade

Soil: moist to wet

Deer resistant: Yes

Fertilizer: Bone Meal

This perennial bulb is one of a kind. In zones 8 through 10, this bulb can be left in the ground as a perennial. Elephant Ears can grow well in 6 inches of standing water or in moist soil. Do not let its soil dry out during hot summers. If you are north of zone 8 then you will need to dig up your bulbs after first frost and store in a cool (above 45 degrees F), dry place. For best results store the bulbs in dry peat moss or wood shavings. Replant your bulbs in the spring, around the beginning of April.

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