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Exemplary Customer Service

I'd like to write a letter praising a customer service rep but I don't know where to send it. I don't want to post it here because I don't want to publish his personal info. Is there an email or address where I can send a letter? The generic is an unmonitored inbox.
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Posted 2020-07-01T19:58:57+0000  by LaurenC LaurenC
Hello LaurenC, and welcome to the Community!

All of the employees are working very hard to serve you and your needs and be safe at the same time during this pandemic. Hopefully you made a purchase at that Home Depot and you still have your receipt, you can go online to fill out a survey about that store or a employee that helped you. At the bottom of your receipt you will find USER ID & PASSWORD (see picture below), that info needs to be entered at a website and input the info they are asking for and at some point you can enter the name of the persons that helped you. 

If you didn't make a purchase, I suggest either calling the Store Manager and/or sending a letter to them if you are unable to reach them via phone call. 

Thank you for taking the time to post here, 

Posted 2020-07-02T11:56:51+0000  by Angelo_HD_CHI
Angelo, thanks! The rep was actually someone I spoke to on the phone from; I didn’t encounter him in person at a store. Any ideas how I could get a letter to the higher ups? Would love an email address or even a physical address to send a letter. I got his name and employee number. He really was fantastic. 
Posted 2020-07-06T02:18:52+0000  by LaurenC
Hey LaurenC,

Since you're still thinking of old school via snail mail, or even just the unmonitored email as you say, the best way to give kudos is to do what you did before to contact us, call.

At 1-800-HOME-DEPOT, you can connect with a customer service agent. To go up the ladder for the right people as you wish for your thanks, you can opt for expediting the comment of their great service that way so a supervisor can be reached. In terms of customer care agents, this is the fastest and best direct way to do this.

You'll never get the same agent as before, but expediting the call is the only surefire way to give the much deserved thanks towards the right persons.

Posted 2020-07-07T02:41:08+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
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