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Exterior Gates; best kind of ply for outdoors?

I need to reproduce three exterior gates for a home. They are currently 1/4 ply with 1 x 4 framing on the visible side, attached to square metal tubing. What's the best type of 1/4 ply to use in this application? Thank you.
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Posted 2019-03-18T17:40:44+0000  by cosmic cosmic
How do you intend on finishing these gates?  If you want more of a natural wood look and you're going to use stain/varnish or fence/deck stain, then I would look at T1-11 siding or a marine grade plywood.  I'm not sure you could find either in 1/4" but certainly in 3/8+".  If you want to paint, then medium density overlay (MDO) plywood would be an excellent choice.  It's an exterior grade of plywood with a special paper coating that's takes paint well and is commonly used for exterior signs.  Again, MDO is probably only available in 3/8+" thicknesses.

With the exception of the T-11, you'll need to find a specialty lumber supplier rather than most home centers. 
Posted 2019-03-18T18:31:37+0000  by Adam444
Thank you! The gates I'm replacing are painted, not stained/varnished. They want the exact same look, so I was planning on primer/paint/waterproofing. Thickness is a non-issue, 1/4 inch is what they had, if I have to go a little thicker I don't anticipate any issues with doing that. Thank you for your expertise and time!
Posted 2019-03-18T19:03:50+0000  by cosmic
Another option might be sheet PVC, like the stuff Azek makes.  Because it's plastic it will never rot and takes paint very well.  I would do some reading on how to use the stuff, you may have to take factor in for expansion/contraction depending on the size.

BTW, there's no need for more than primer and two topcoats of a good quality paint.  Plenty of houses have painted wood trim and none of it is "waterproofed."
Posted 2019-03-18T20:53:19+0000  by Adam444
Awesome, that'll save me some time. I will look into the PVC option, I've seen some of them around and they look just fine. Thanks again.
Posted 2019-03-18T22:18:10+0000  by cosmic
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