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Fasteners for pergola headers

A few days ago, I hired a guy to build my pergola. I bought all the fasteners and lumber, he provided the labor. However, he did not use the 1/2” x 8” hex bolts I bought. Instead, he used two offset 1/2” lag  bolts to join headers to each posts. I’m worried the construction won’t be as safe/secure/long-lasting as it would be had the hex bolts been used. Are lag bolts “good enough” for a pergola or should I find someone else to replace them with hex bolts?
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Posted 2017-11-12T15:38:05+0000  by dhess2 dhess2
Hi dhess2,

Hex bolts will create a stronger joint than lag screws, call you carpenter and have him remove the lag screws and install the hex bolts. He can remove one lag screw at a time, drill out the hole created by the lag screw and insert the hex bolts. This will create a stronger joint and give you peace of mind knowing the job was done right.

Posted 2017-11-13T20:54:49+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
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