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Fiddle Leaf Fig tree, Ficus Pandurata

Fiddle Leaf Fig, Ficus lyrata

Size: 4 to 8 feet

Light Exposure: bright indirect, do not put in direct sun

Soil: well drained moisture retaining Miracle Gro Moisture Control Potting Mix

Watering: water only when the top 1 inch of soil becomes dry.

Feeding: Use a slow release granular Osmocote

Ideal Temperature: 68° to 75°F

Safe for pets: No


Where everything becomes trendy at some point, apparently now it’s the Fiddle Leaf Fig. What people don’t understand is that this tree has always been awesome and it will continue to be so whether some trendy blog is writing about it or not.

Houseplants use more water in the active growing season, as days get longer therefore it will demand more water in spring and summer. This plant is a native of the African jungle and therefore demands humidity more than many other houseplants, therefore a humidifier is recommended of misting it with a water bottle every morning while brushing your teeth.

This tree will not land itself on my list of easy houseplants but if you have some time to adopt another child then this would be a great one to adopt.

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