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Finishing Basement

I checked into quotes for finishing my basement and they were quite expensive. A family DIY-er strongly encouraged me to do parts of this job myself. When I came to the website I immediately saw steel studs and the benefits of using them over wood. I think that I want to try framing the walls this way and I was wondering where can I go to learn to do this correctly?

Thank you!


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Posted 2019-02-20T18:03:52+0000  by KimD15 KimD15
Hello Kimberly,

Welcome to the community.

Steel studs systems are pretty simple to install. They are cut with tin snips and held together with pan screws. 
Cross-bracing of studs with additional notched u-channel track perpendicular to studs is recommended on walls where heavy shelving, cabinets or other wall mounted fixtures are anticipated. 

Here is a link to the Installation Guild from the manufacture. It shows the basic install steps. 

Let me know if you have any other questions. I would love to help.

Posted 2019-02-20T22:00:05+0000  by Christine_HD_OC
I haven't worked that much with steel studs but I suspect that whatever companies make them and/or whatever trade organization they have has a "best practices" manual.

Nothing wrong with wanting to do your own framing but make sure you have a comprehensive plan before you start.  Having finished a number of basements as a professional and I wanted to relate a story about a guy who wanted to finish his basement.  After several frustrating months of trying to do things himself, he called us in.  This guy did nothing right and when he reached a stumbling block with framing, he went on to electrical, and then plumbing.  Long story short, he asked for an estimate to fix whatever mistakes he had made and complete the job.  I don't remember the number, let's say $35,000.  His jaw dropped and then he asked what it would have cost if we had just done the job from the beginning.  I said, $30,000.

I wasn't trying to be a jerk, so much of his work was wrong that it would have been more efficient just to rip it out and start over.  I'm not hanging drywall on framing that isn't straight and plumb.  Why, because when one of his family or friends notices the substandard work, he's gonna say that Adam finished his basement and leave out the part where he framed the walls incorrectly.

Moral to the story, do your homework.
Posted 2019-02-21T12:50:42+0000  by Adam444
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