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Flower Tower

Just downloaded the PDF for the flower tower. Step 6 talks about lag screws and mounting the brackets to your deck? Lag screws and brackets are not mentioned in the tools and materials lists. What's Step 6 about? Thanks, A Geyer

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Posted 2013-04-12T02:58:57+0000  by Lex2505 Lex2505

I have the same question too?  I would think it is to stabalize it from the wind but where do you put the brackets on the pot?

Posted 2013-04-12T10:48:55+0000  by fishinglinder

Just finished watching the video for this project. In the video's Step 6 there is no meniton of lag bolts. What Step 6 actually is to fill the pot with soil OUTSIDE the fencing tower.

Posted 2013-04-13T02:06:06+0000  by Lex2505

Hey A Geyer and fishinglinder,


Thank you both for your question.


I believe that step 6 from the Flower Tower Instructions page was a typo, judging by the materials involved.

Step 6


When I did the mock-up for this a few months ago, no where did I have to use a bracket or screws. The sheer weight of the pot and the soil alongside the flowers will give you enough stability.



I hope this has helped you out and let me know if you have any additional questions.




Posted 2013-04-13T17:43:45+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL

i went to my local Home depot all set and ready to buy materials for the Flower Tower. After about an hour, no one knew what I was tlking about. I found out I would have to buy 50ft of wire mesh( I need 4ft). Just a suggestion, when you post something DIY, why not knowledge staff and materials available. This would make a great Kit for someone who has limited space and need for a lot of material.(50ft of wire! please) 

Posted 2013-04-13T22:18:02+0000  by porrecamom

Love your idea of a "kit". I, too, have no need for a 50' coil of fencing for a 4' project!

Posted 2013-04-14T02:13:44+0000  by Lex2505

The images on the slideshow are also broken.

Posted 2013-04-14T18:33:10+0000  by friendnamedmarb

Hello porrecamom,


Thanks for joining us here on the community!


I'm sorry to hear about your situation at your local store. We do have a placard display (at least at my store) showing you the tools needed for the flower tower as well as other projects... The card sends you to the Garden Club link for the materials and know-how.


As for making it in a kit..that actually is a very good idea! When I had to make the mock-up for the original flower tower, I ran into the same problem with using 50 foot of fencing. While we never had this project before, it would be a good idea to have smaller amounts available.


One benefit is that you can make numerous towers out of the fencing instead of just a few. Something to consider.


Thanks for letting us know about your input, and for joining us here on the community.





Posted 2013-04-17T14:36:36+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL

So, out of 50 ft I can make 12.5 towers.


Lucky me

Posted 2013-04-19T16:32:34+0000  by hydebeverly2

How many bags of soil do I need to buy to make two towers? And about how many flowers? I do not want to keep on going back due to the fact I need more soil or flowers.

Posted 2013-04-19T23:12:21+0000  by gmhawkins

What other flowers besides Petunias can we use?


Posted 2013-04-20T15:06:59+0000  by tranquility
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