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Flower Tower Questions

Post your Flower Tower questions here!

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Posted 2013-04-19T13:06:33+0000  by HomeDepotJayne HomeDepotJayne

Went to local store.  They could not answer questions on where galvanized fencing was located.  We finally found it and they only had 50' rolls.  On-line are only 50' roles.  How can I get only 10-20'?  If you are doing a national campaign, why not locate all the parts in a kit or have all the components in one spot in appropriate sizes?

Posted 2013-04-20T21:01:46+0000  by brtfritz

Hi again brtfritz,


I am very sorry for your frustration in purchasing the items for this project.  I completely understand and I will pass on your suggestions to our home office.  Another option is to purchase a different size fence with smaller holes and cut them open wider. 

Posted 2013-04-20T22:10:42+0000  by Jen_HD_BOS
I'm new to this, and I dont know the name of the flowers they use in the video making the flower tower. Could you please tell what they are. Also I live in Ohio is it to soon to make these flower towers or should I wait till the first of may?
Posted 2013-04-20T22:58:39+0000  by buckeyefan
I agree - if I have to buy a 50' roll I might as well have a nursery do all the work and buy it already done - it would be cheaper. Every time I turn around I see this on tv and now that I want to make it, it's cost prohibitive. You should be able to buy exactly what you need to make it.
Posted 2013-04-23T23:14:48+0000  by Tuttid53

I agree, there should be a kit. The flower tower just costs too much to make at least $75 - without the flowers!

Posted 2013-04-26T14:07:01+0000  by katieannsnana
I agreee, I had trouble finding materials for mine. I went to Ace Hardware to find a smaller roll.
Posted 2013-04-28T13:35:59+0000  by momseay

I had the same exact issue. Nobody knew (out of 4 people out there)what we were talking about. Then I mentioned your commercial and had to actually describe what I meant. He took me to some he was making for displays but in order to get the fencing I needed I had to purchase a 50 foot roll. I mentioned to him that people might be a little ticked off knowing they would have to pourchase that much and he was at a loss for words. 

Posted 2013-04-28T21:28:47+0000  by cuddleswi

We ended up going to tractor supply and buying a roll of 50feet of 2ft high fencing and are just adding an extra foot and making it work. Hoome Depot lost out on thuis purchase

Posted 2013-04-28T21:31:13+0000  by cuddleswi

I realized this also but may I make a suggestion?  I realized I had a bunch of vary large tomatoe cages left over.  My wife bought them but they are just to large to  hold up the plants properly.  I am going to snip the bottom parts and place it upside down in the pot.  This will also give it a unique shape and it is at most a 1/3 of the cost (sorry home depot).

Posted 2013-04-30T02:20:00+0000  by gotspiccoli

Oh yeah another comment.  Be careful buying chicken wire or fencing that is not made for gardening.  I made this mistake a couple years back.  Because the metal is not intended for that purpose you may actually experience rust or it can seep chemicals harmful to the plants into the soil.  I know you save a buck today but in the end you just have a useless ugly mess on your hands/

Posted 2013-04-30T02:25:03+0000  by gotspiccoli
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