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Framing a Pocket Door, keeping drywall in place?

So I am putting in a pocket door and I am working on framing in the rough opening. I want to keep one side on the wall; the drywall intact. And just remove one side of drywall and trying not to damage the other side too much.


I need to remove some studs and re-frame for a bigger opening. Any suggestions on how I can go about removed the 2x4 and keeping on side of drywall in place. How can I cut the drywall nails? Thank for any suggestions.


I don't want to try to match texture and paint and so on... on the other side of the wall


Removing 2x4s with sheetrock/drywall in place on one side??


DSC_0131 SMALL.jpg

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Posted 2010-12-30T01:36:39+0000  by Brandon Brandon

Check out my YouTube Video of my project here....



Drywall HungDSC_0209 SMALL.jpgDSC_0213 SMALL.jpg


Next I will be adding all new Baseboards in the room. The hardest part was the Demo, since I was saving one side of the wall. Everything else way fairly easy. The painting took a good amount of time. Thanks to everyone at Home Depot!!!

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Posted 2011-01-24T21:30:18+0000  by Brandon

Hey Brandon.

Thank you for the question. There is a rather easy solution to this problem, and it involves a drill, jig saw and a jamb saw. I have attached your picture, but now it has a few lines and dots on it.


The first thing you will want to do is to get a drill with a ¼ inch bit and drill some pilot holes in the center of the 2x4, or where the yellow dots are. This is going to lead us to step number 2.


Next you will want to get your jig saw with a metal blade. A metal blade will cut wood slower but it will cut through any nails that you will encounter, whereas a wood blade would not cut the nails and shake all the paint off the walls. Put the blade in the pilot holes and proceed cutting. You can cut as close to the sheetrock as the jig saw will allow, which would probably be about   1 ½ inches. These cuts will be made approximately where the red lines are.


The jigsaw will not quite make it to the bottom of the 2x4, so we will have to finish up with a jamb saw. There is a tool that I highly recommend having in your tool box.  This Dremel multi tool does everything and it is what we need for this last cut. It will cut the rest of the way down the 2x4 and it can also cut the nail holding it to the bottom of the wall. You are obviously a very handy and ambitious person. Keep me posted with this project and hit me with any other questions that you might have and thanks.

pocket door 2.JPG






Posted 2010-12-30T15:12:33+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL

One thing worth mentioning that I didn't see in the previous reply.  Make sure that the wall is not load bearing.  The cross braces above the door indicate that it may be (I have not seen that type of bracing before except in load bearing walls).  If it is a load bearing wall, you should build a temporary support wall or at least use a couple of jack posts & 4x4 to brace the work area before cutting.

Posted 2010-12-30T16:21:57+0000  by GrueMaster

Hello again.


The Gruemaster does bring up a good point. I did not suspect that wall of being load bearing but incase it is, I think that maybe I have a solution. I would recommend installing  2x4s turned sideways beside the cut 2x4s. This will help maintain the structural integrity incase wall is load bearing. Photo attached, install new 2x4 in the blue areas.


blue pocket.JPG



Posted 2010-12-30T17:13:47+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL

I was going to brace the wall on the other side( in the dining room area next to the wall)  with a temporary 2x4 wall that extetnds across the area I am working for support while the other studs and header is removed. If I put the 2x4s in the "blue area" they would be in the way when I am ready to redo my header which will streach the entire opening. 


65 inchs wide rough opening. I was going to use a 2x6 for the header is that right?  The header will sit on the "Jack studs" Correct?  I also have to remove the framing above the door becuase I need to raise the height of the rough opening to 84 1/2 inches.


Thanks for your help and suggestions. I will keep you updated.

Posted 2010-12-30T20:38:32+0000  by Brandon

Here is the finished part of the framing for the pocket door. It was a lot of work cutting out the old 2x4's, being careful not to hurt the other side of the drywall. And I used the Dremel Multi-Mac to cut behind the studs that I removed, to cut the sheetrock nails that were attached to the stud. It was a lot of work using the Jig Saw to ripe down the 2x4's, but once they were cut it was much easier to remove them.


Here is the photo of the New Framing for the Pocket Door. I am waiting on FedEx to deliver my Pocket Door stuff. and then hopefully I will get the door I ordered at Home Depot next week. Thanks to everyone for their suggestions!!DSC_0144 SMALL.jpg

Posted 2011-01-01T00:05:34+0000  by Brandon

Hey Brandon,

That looks awesome! I am glad it worked out for you and I am impressed. Great job I cant wait to see the door.

Posted 2011-01-06T15:53:32+0000  by gotogregg

Pocket Door  & Farming Installed

Drywall & Pocket Door tirm installed





























First photo is of the Pocket Door Framing installed and the New Door hung.


Second photo is of the drywall hung and the pocket door trim installed & Door hardware installed.


Now I just need the texture and replace door molding.


Other side of door





This photo is of the other side of door. This is the side where I left the drywall in place while removing the studs and reframing. Now I just need a little touch up of texture & paint and replace the door trim.


Posted 2011-01-15T01:28:15+0000  by Brandon

Hey Brandon,


I can speak for a lot of us on the How-To Community by saying that what a great project you did on making the pocket door project really work out for you! Thanks for sharing all your updates and concerns regarding a not-so-easy project.


Just some drywall, paint, and moulding and it looks like your on your way to the finish line, way to go Brandon!




Any other questions or concerns you have, please feel free to ask us again here on the community!


Posted 2011-01-15T13:57:47+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL

Can't believe I missed this. No one tells me anything around here :robotmad:. Great job there Brandon! My hats off on maintaining the other side of the wall. 



Posted 2011-01-24T18:09:41+0000  by Chris_HD_ATL
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