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Front door interior door color??

Hello! This picture is our front door, I can’t decide if I should paint it the same color as the walls or paint it the same ‘cloud white’ as the trip and ceiling? And, if the door window trim should be painted? Thanks for any suggestions

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Posted 2021-01-27T07:01:46+0000  by Natosha Natosha

Hey Natosha,

When it comes to paint colors, it is entirely up to you as a personal choice to decide which direction you can go.

Usually, most folks paint a different color for the walls versus the door and all trims. Whether it is darker or lighter than the wall is again, a matter of personal choice. 

I will say though that darker colors always constrict the area where the lighter colors seem to open the space. It's not commonly done, but it's not typically done where the same paint color is used for the walls as well as trim and door/window spaces. 

Any lighter (or white) color on the doors and trim against a darker wall color will highlight those surfaces better, and can look more appealing. 

Any new painting that would be done on your doors and trims must be done with a higher sheen paint than the walls as well as preparing the surface to ensure the new paint lasts for years to come, so be mindful of that too. 

As for looking at various colors, you can click here to view Behr's colors online. This is very handy when it comes to viewing and deciding which colors can go best. Don't overlook this link; it's really an indispensable tool to have.

Let us know if this has assisted you,


Posted 2021-01-27T15:26:24+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
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