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GE Dishwasher door alignment

Hi: My dishwasher door (1 year old) is slightly lower than latch; it's not closing the door. thought hinges might be an issue, changed them; no luck. Still having issues ...

I saw on-line some one said need to add spacers to adjust height, but able to find them ..

Model no: GDT545PSJSS

Appreciate your help ...
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Posted 2018-01-17T22:05:40+0000  by rkreddy rkreddy
Hello rkreddy, and welcome to the Community!

I tried searching for spacers for your model and had no luck, I suggest you contact GE directly at:

GE Parts - 1-877-959-8688, Service & Repairs - 1-800-432-2737, they should be able to locate the spacers for you based on the model number. 

Posted 2018-01-18T13:34:39+0000  by Angelo_HD_CHI
Did anyone here end up resolving the issue? I’m having the same issue and it’s incredibly frustrating. 

Posted 2019-10-22T12:21:08+0000  by Adea2636
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