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Gardener's Ultimate Potting Bench

I have been "ordered" to build the potting bench for my wife.  I have been a woodworker for over 30 years and have built mostly furniture.  I have studied the picture story and the printed build instructions and I am finding a lack if detail in the instructions that make it impossible to get started.  Also, their are some differences between the pictures and the printed instructions.

Are there any more detailed plans available?  

Thanks for your kind attention to my problem.

James Mock
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Posted 2016-03-29T14:19:13+0000  by Jmock Jmock
Greeting Jmock, 

I am reaching out to author of the post to ask if there are any additional instructions, we will be back to you shortly.     Maureen
Posted 2016-03-29T17:13:32+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS

Greetings again Jmock,


The author, Lucy Mercer, quickly responded: she asked me to let you know the final stages of editing are being made at this very time, and there will be a PDF and a cut list for the potting bench, on the site, by weeks end.


I must say that you are a great husband to build this wonderful potting bench for your wife (even if it was an order), it will be the perfect spot for her to work on her plants and create beautiful planters.


Check the Home Depot Garden Club site on Friday for the full instructions!  I would love to see some photos of your finished project.


Best of luck, and happy building!       Maureen


Posted 2016-03-29T17:48:44+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS
It would be helpful to know the finished size of the three tables and their orientation.

Also in step three, it looks like table "C" has double offsets. Is that correct and are they the same dimensions?

I just bought the treated lumber for just over $100 and I'm ready to start cutting.

I wonder why she used 4x4 legs in the front and 2x4 legs in the back?

To James Mock, have you started on yours yet? Keep me posted and I'll post on here as I build mine.

James Barham

Posted 2016-03-31T17:42:55+0000  by James9999
Hi, I'm Lucy, I worked with the team to develop the Ultimate Potting Bench story. The story is now updated with a link to a pdf that includes the cut list, instructions, and drawings. If you have any questions as you construct the potting bench, please reach out and we will get answers. Like Maureen, I can't wait to see the pictures of your finished potting bench! ~Lucy
Posted 2016-03-31T23:12:29+0000  by LucyM

Hello there Jmock and James9999,

Looks like the full write-up and PDF have been posted. You can find that here and the original story here.

James9999 looking at the 3d images included in the PDF the double offset for the picture in STEP 3 is not needed. Frames TOP A and C are identical. The 4x4 front legs were a styling choice, plus looks like they leave a cool recess in which to hang some smaller tools. Likely it was done to minimize knocking into possibly dirty or sharp equipment while still keeping it close to hand. I can imagine driving in some long nails and storing spools of twine in stuff in there.

Jmock did the PDF help clear things up? If not let me know here and we'll work through it together. I hope this helps and can't wait to see what you all create.



Posted 2016-04-01T14:17:55+0000  by Chris_HD_ATL
The address to the PDF does not work. I have tried several times. Please advise.

And why are we required to change our password everytime we log in?

James B
Posted 2016-04-12T15:08:05+0000  by James9999

Greetings Jmock,

I am so sorry for your frustration. I have found that going right to the main page for the potting bench and clicking on the orange lettering that states: Download, the drawing, instructions and cut list. That will bring you straight to the pdf, and you can get going on the building of the Ultimate Potting Bench!

Good luck, I would so love to see a picture of your finished bench, and thank you so much for helping us iron out all the snags in our sites instructions. You have helped so many, so much!

Thanks once more, Maureen

*NOTE: All of the orange highlighted text in above email will get you to the instructions too!  Happy Building!!


Posted 2016-04-14T12:02:33+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS
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