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Get ready for Football Season

With September Saturdays here, thoughts in the Deep South turn to COLLEGE FOOTBALL!!!


It is a humbling and exhilarating experience to be near college stadiums on Saturdays in the fall.  Team spirit (sometimes known as fanaticism) reigns on the field, in the stands, in the parking lot, and in the backyard.


Get ready to show some school pride and support with college team officially licensed products available in select stores and online.  You will be the envy of the tailgating lot and the neighborhood!



College Teams


Check out our college gear - great for going to the game or outfitting your college student in style. Team pride can be shown in your key chains and lanyards. 


college key chain.jpg    college key chain.jpg



Tailgating fashion must-haves include stadium seats and tents filled with your coolers and rolling coolers. 


college chair use.jpg    college tent.jpg     college cooler.jpg   collge rolling cooler.jpg


Sit in style at the game on your cushion and hard back stadium seats.


college cushion.jpg     college stadium seat.jpg     college hard back stadium seat.jpg


Decorate your home and outdoor living area as THE Saturday football destination station.  Greet your guests with doormats, flags, and yard signs.  


college cushion.jpg  collge flag.jpg   college flag.jpg


A college team gnome will surely make your guests feel special and grace your outdoor living area.


college gnome.jpg


Create a home fashion statement with a wide assortment of rugs, carpet tiles, and wall appliqués. 


collge rug.jpg  college carpet tiles.jpg  college wall appliques.jpg  college wall aplliaques.jpg


Complete the atmosphere with sphere chairs and party buckets. 


college sphere chair.jpg    collge party bucket.jpg


Now bring on the football food!  Show loyalty to your favorite team by wearing a coordinating apron and grill gloves while using customized BBQ tools to showcase your culinary skills. 


college apron.jpg  college grill glove.jpg  college BBQ Tools.jpg



Even your grill and patio set can show team spirit with grill toppers, grill mats, and patio set covers.


college grill topper.jpg   college grill mat.jpg     collge patio set cover.jpg


After a hard day of football, toss your game day wear into a team hamper and rest up for next week.


college hamper.jpg





Professional Teams

If your Sunday loyalties are with the NFL – and who cannot get enough football! – be sure to check out your team’s officially licensed products available in select stores and online. 


Start the week wearing a hard hat and sunglasses. 


nfl hard hat.jpg   nfl sunglasses.jpg



Go to the game with your team key chain, stadium seats, and coolers. 


nfl keychain.jpg   nfl stadium seat.jpg    nfl cooler.jpg



Decorate your home with table lamps, wall clocks, wall appliqués and fatheads.


nfl tiffany table lamp.jpg     nfl wall clock.jpg    nfl wall aplliques.jpgnfl fathead.jpg



Don’t forget to properly position your doormats, team rug and NFL carpet tiles in front of your team chairs and recliner.

 nfl doormat.jpg   nfl rug.jpg   nfl carpet tiles.jpg

nfl recliner.jpg   nfl recliner.jpg




Expert chefs will have to use their team grill cover to ensure culinary and scoring success. 


nfl steelers.jpg


And don't forget the gnomes!  NFL gnomes are available as statues and banks.  Who knows, they may become as popular as starting quarterbacks!


nfl gnomes.jpg!   nfl gnome bank.jpg





DIY Workshops for Football Team Success

Hands-On Paint Clinic


Every Saturday in August, each Home Depot store has a 10 am Workshop on “Painting an Interior Room.”   You will learn how to select tools and supplies to prepare and paint interior ceilings and walls. 


Glidden Team Colors.jpg


You can get Team Spirit By The Gallon and decorate with the official paint colors of your favorite sports teams – Glidden® gets you going!  Available exclusively at The Home Depot, you get perfectly matched professional and college Team Colors™ so you can show your true team spirit both inside and outside your home.  Copies of the booklet are also available at your local store.  




Special College Game Day Kids Workshop




Get the little DIYers into football action by attending the September Kids Workshop on Saturday, September 3rd from 9 am to noon at your local Home Depot store.  The children will build a Message Board – perfect for those X-s and O-s (maybe homework too!) and receive a kid-sized orange apron, an achievement pin, and diploma. 




football rug.jpg


Happy football season and I hope my team wins!



Copper Canyon Inline WBW.png



THDiva! regrets that she could not put all of the college and NFL teams in this blog.  If I missed your team (or if I included your team), please send me a photo of your team loyalty.  I look forward to seeing you in action! 



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Posted 2011-08-19T19:40:04+0000  by Eileen_HD_ATL Eileen_HD_ATL

Hello tailgaters.


Greengiant here, and I was shopping and found all kind of things for my "man room" from my favorite football team, the Falcons.


Of coarse I would hate for them to get dirty so naturally, I am hanging them on the wall. I did find the perfect thing for wiping my dirty work boots on and I can assure you that it was MONEY WELL SPENT.

SAINTS3.jpgsaints 4.jpg



Posted 2011-09-04T19:15:32+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL

Greetings greengiant!  I love the team spirit.  Don't forget to paint your "man room" in your team colors:


ATL NFL Glidden.jpg


And don't forget the gnome:


ATL NFL gnome.jpg


Be sure to keep your eyes on him - who knows what he will do with your remote control!


Happy football season y'all!


college halo.png

Posted 2011-09-06T13:19:03+0000  by Eileen_HD_ATL

Here's a team you can bank on:


Go Bears.JPG

This gnome won't bother your remote, but he will gladly take your money!

Posted 2011-09-06T15:57:00+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI

When it comes to Winning we know what time it is!!!



Its always good to support the home teams!!!  bears bear.jpg

Posted 2011-09-06T17:35:49+0000  by FlyingHDsod

As the weather is warmer here in So. Cal, I will have to get one of those customized team aprons for grilling, and a chair for watching my favorite college team. Notre Dame.

Posted 2011-09-29T15:42:28+0000  by Ken_HD_OC

Dear Foodieken,


You will want to stay cool under your Notre Dame tent while standing on your Notre Dame doormat. Clean up will be a breeze with your Notre Dame trash can.


nd tent.jpg    nd doormat.jpg  nd trash can.jpg


Of course your outdoor living center would not be complete without a Notre Dame banner.


nd banner.jpg


Regrettably I could find a Notre Dame gnome to complete your oasis. (Did The Leprechaun have something to do with this?)  

Best wishes and we will be watching this weekend!



Posted 2011-09-30T13:57:30+0000  by Eileen_HD_ATL
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