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Golden Pothos Houseplant

Golden Pothos Houseplant

Size: climbs 6 feet or more in all directions

Light Exposure: low to bright indirect light

Soil: well drained Miracle Gro Potting Mix

Watering: water once plant is almost dry

Feeding: Feed monthly with Miracle Grow Indoor Plant Food

Ideal Temperature: 70° to 80°F

Safe for pets or kids: No, toxic to dogs and cats

This is a great starter plant for beginners because it is so hard to kill that it is good for building ones confidence. This plant will grow as a cutting in straight water or as a plant in  moderately dry soil. The only real way to kill this plant is to put it in direct sun or to never water it. This plant will crawl across a room if given something to grow on.

If your variegated leaves start to lose their yellow variegation then it is not getting enough light and should be moved a little closer to the window. This plant is a very fast grower.

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