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Great Gifts - Porter Cable Compressor Combo Kit

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Another great gift idea for the Holiday season is the Porter Cable Compressor with 3 nailers, contractor bag, and accessories. This combo kit features a 6 gallon, 150 PSI compressor that offers 2.6 SCFM @ 90 PSI for maintaining the pressure needed to get your project done without delay. The PC3PAK (link - ) comes with a 16-gauge finish nailer that drives up to 2 1/2" finish nails, an 18-gauge 1-3/8 in. brad nailer and an 18-gauge 1 in. stapler that operate on this portable (only 34 lbs) compressors maintenance-free motors. This video gives an overview;



The PC3PAK is available in stores as well as online at Internet  SKU is 100672212. So consider this great value for the Do it Yourselfer on your gift list, and we wish you a very Happy Holiday Season!



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Posted 2010-12-02T13:25:27+0000  by HD116 HD116

This is an awesome kit. I recommend this one every time someone is thinking about a compressor and nailer combo kit. This kit comes complete and is a great value.

Posted 2010-12-02T19:19:17+0000  by Ken_HD_OC
I have the version with just the 16ga finish nailer. Will this compressor also run a framing nailer for homeowner use?
Posted 2014-01-13T19:37:44+0000  by EMTDAD

Hello EMTDAD.  Welcome to the Community!


Well, here is your definitive answer:  Yes and No.

Let me explain...


Two of the big advantages of this compressor are light weight and relatively long life.

These pancake compressors are favorite buys, even among contractors at my store.

They have sufficient pressure and flow to run brad nailers, staplers and finish nailers, keeping up with near continuous use for these tools.


There is not sufficient CFM airflow capability to run high volume usage tools like die grinders, but a framing nailer is one tool that will operate properly with the 100 pounds or so of pressure this compressor will easily output.

The problem is that if you are pretty fast at using a framing nailer that this gun will use more air in a short period of time than the compressor can replenish.


So if you are willing to be patient, and simply wait for the compressor to recycle after you get the first nail to not properly seat in the framing then you can make a framing nailer work.  It will just be slow going compared to a higher output compressor that is designed to handle the needed CFM airflow at high pressure.


Just to put this airflow requirement into perspective, your compressor has a rated output of 2.6 CFM @ 90 psi.

A typical framing nailer running at 100 nails/minute needs around 8 CFM at that pressure.  You can see why there is no combo kit that combines these two tools.

Compressor Combo.jpg

Is this what you are looking for?




Posted 2014-01-17T17:25:53+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI

yes.. that's the one I have...


you said... "after you get the first nail to not properly seat in the framing"


what do you mean by this?

Posted 2014-01-17T17:32:57+0000  by EMTDAD

As you run the framing nailer, it won't be long before the compressor runs out of steam.  


You will know this because the nailer will not get enough power to seat the nail firmly into the lumber.  At this point, (the first nail to NOT properly seat), you will just have to put the gun down and wait for the compressor to come back up to full pressure.


As I mentioned, these two tools are not made for each other.  One thing that may help would be to use a larger air hose than the one supplied with the kit, but in the end it is the compressor capacity that will be the limiting factor...





Posted 2014-01-17T17:49:25+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI

ahh.. . I understand what you mean now...  do a couple, then one nail won't go in all the way... wait for compressor to refill..

Posted 2014-01-17T17:56:09+0000  by EMTDAD
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