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Growing Indoor Citrus


Growing Citrus Indoors

During the dark days of winter the, West Roxbury, Ma. Home Depot, was bight and sunny with the display of gorgeous citrus plants for sale, a February delivery brought a few shelves of indoor citrus plants, the interest and sales of the potted sunshine was amazing!

Each week more and more citrus trees came, reflecting the sales of the plants, Calamondin Orange, Meyer Lemon and Persian Lime trees arrived in two size options a #1 pot and also a #3 pot, both sizes boasted, lush, very full, plants. The citrus plants came in with, flowers and fruit, the smell of citrus flowers is just intoxicating, I was in love!

Being from Boston citrus trees have never been on my radar, the reality of seeing an actual citrus, fruit tree growing, with fruit on the branches, happened when my young, family went to Disney World in Florida, it was a special mind blowing moment for me….simply amazing!

Selling the indoor citrus plants is new for me, I had to do a bit of research to sell with confidence. the most extraordinary part of the entire shipment process of the citrus has been, the response and stories that I have heard from the customers in the aisles. Some customers are totally drawn in, they touch and feel the plants because it brings them memories of home, or conjured up memories of visiting grandparents, so, so many stories J

Do you know that Calamondin oranges are a cross between a kumquat and a mandarin orange, and the whole fruit is edible? The skin is sweet and the pulp, the inside flesh, is tart. Calamondin oranges are highly prized in Asian cuisine…one more tid bit; it can take the fruit twelve months to ripen, and the fruit and the flowers will happen at the same time, on the same tree, to allow fruit all year long….seriously!  How great is that?

The Meyer lemon tree will produce beautiful fruit that is a bit more compact and rounded than standard lemons, the skin is thin and it tastes less acidic and is sweeter than a grocery store lemon. The distinct aroma from the Meyer blossoms is like opening a window and ushering in the cleanest, freshest, air you could ever imagine.

The Meyer lemon is self-pollinating, it has flowers and fruit simultaneously which staggers harvest throughout the late summer, all winter, into the early spring. The foliage of the hard working citrus is the deepest green, and ever-so shiny;  It takes full sun and is heat tolerant. The plant will suffer and die in a frost so in temperatures and zones like Boston, it must be keep indoors until the threat of frost is over and brought back in prior to the first anticipated winter frost….but loves to summer outside in Boston!

The Persian lime is an eye catcher! I had one customer tell me “That is the perfect plant for my outdoor bar”!  Many people made similar comments, “a garnish for summer cocktails on the patio”! The excitement was contagious! 


Once again, the smell of the lime flowers, just like the orange and lemon, is intoxicating, there just is not enough breathes to take in all that they have to give! The Persian lime has full, rounded size fruit and is grown commercially for consumer produce consumption, the highest concentration of the crop coming out of Mexico.

Indoors, the Persian lime needs full sun, in a container with great drainage; the soil must also be fast draining, the roots will suffer with a soggy soil, the plant will be on its way to root rot if not potted properly. Fruit takes between 6-9 months to ripen, unlike most fruits citrus ripens on the tree and can stay there for some time once it hits maturity. Limes will be deep green and heavy for the size when it is the correct time to pick…you just have to wait!

The addition of citrus plants to any indoor garden adds such wonderful expectations, they are delightful!  We are so fortunate to have citrus plants available to purchase in the Northeast; restrictions due occur state to state for citrus plants, so stop by your local Home Depot and check out the availability of indoor citrus plants….just follow your nose!  


Be delighted, bring home a citrus plant!



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Posted 2019-03-21T16:50:21+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS Maureen_HD_BOS
Great article! Love citrus smell!

Ad Brown
Posted 2019-04-10T07:29:43+0000  by ADBrown
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