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Project Ideas: Seasonal & Holiday

Halloween - PVC Yard Spider




Difficulty Level:  Medium


Cost:  $30 - $45


Time:  4 - 6 hrs



  • 6 – 10’ lengths of ¾ inch PVC pipe
  • 8 - ¾ inch PVC caps
  • 16 – ¾ inch PVC 45 degree elbows
  • 8 – ¾ inch PVC 90 degree elbows
  • 4 – ¾ inch PVC 4 way T connectors
  • PVC cement
  • Black exterior BEHR ULTRA paint
  • Chicken wire (body)
  • Black landscape material (body)
  • Black duct tape (body)
  • Black Velcro strip (body)




Step one:  Prep

Cut the lengths of PVC pipe needed for the legs and body.

  • 8 – 3 foot
  • 8 – 2 ½ feet
  • 8 – 1 ½ feet
  • 3 – 4 inch pieces
  • 8 – 2 inch pieces

 spider cut.jpg


Step two: Body

Assemble the body by gluing the four 4 – 4 way T connectors to the 3 inch pieces – with the PVC cement. And the 8 – 2 inch pieces to the sides (for the legs).


 spider body.jpg



Step three:  Legs

While waiting for the connectors to dry – start putting the legs together (do not glue the joints together).  Connect the 3 foot pipe to the 2 ½ foot pipe with a 90 degree angle fitting. Connect the 1 ½ foot pipe to the 2 ½ foot pipe using a 45 degree fitting.  Add the cap to the bottom of the 1 ½ pipe to complete the leg.




Step fourBody to Legs

Attach 8 - 45 degree fittings to the now dried spider body (do not glue) and begin to gently insert each 3 foot leg into the fitting.  If working alone – you may want to mount the body onto a wooden surface with screws to support and hold it in place.  I just drove 2 inch drywall screw through the pipe spaces.

Step five:  Legs to Body

At this point you want to pose the spider legs in the position you think will best suit how you want to display him/her. 




Once you are sure about the legs – mark a line across the 45 degree fitting and the extended outside pipe with a marker and label the joint (1 – 8).  Now remove the legs from the 45 degree joints.  Now remove the marked 45 degree fittings and start gluing them back in the same marked positions.  This will give strength to the legs when positioning the spider for display.

  marks.jpg  spider body.jpg



Step six:  Painting

We found that lightly sanding the PVC and then painting the spider with the BEHR ULTRA exterior paint in black required just two coats and could be done in less than an hour.  We used the tiny roller kits and brushed in corners afterwards.




Step seven: The Upper Body


body materials.jpg    body assembly.jpg


With a pair of thick work gloves – bend and mold two balls for the body (1 large/1 small). This will be a learning experience in how chicken wire bends so don’t get discouraged.


After you are satisfied with the size and shape of your spider’s body wrap it with the landscape fabric and secure the seams with black duct tape.  Again – this will be a trial and error kind of experience until you are satisfied with the results.  This was actually the most difficult part of the project in my experience.




Wrap the Velcro strip around the body and attach it to the frame of the spider.


We added some textures to the spider’s legs using a hot glue gun and stretching the glue as it dried to form creepy little hairs.




We made some large mandibles on the jaw (to eat small animals with) – out of some 2 inch Styrofoam.





                 HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!



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Posted 2012-10-01T18:59:59+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL Kevin_HD_ATL

Kevin, That is one spooky spider! I would not want to wake up to that in my bedroom. Excellent job!

Posted 2012-10-01T19:05:39+0000  by Mike_HD_OC

Hey Kevin, great job on the spider. Really good instructions on how to make and assemble. Watch out small animals.

Posted 2012-10-01T19:15:51+0000  by Ken_HD_OC

I love this project.


I would make one but my daughter is deathly afraid of spiders.


I don't think she would ever forgive me if I build one of these for our house.:smileyfrustrated:


Great job!!

Posted 2012-10-03T15:34:44+0000  by Christine_HD_OC

Kevin that came out amazing im impressed great job :smileyhappy:

Posted 2012-10-04T14:58:18+0000  by Soheil_HD_BOS
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