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Halloween ideas anyone???

I am hoping to get some inspiration and creative ideas  to decorate the outside of the house for Halloween this weekend.  Thought it would be a fun project with the kids.  Any ideas?  Did the witch flying into the garage last year...


Pictures would be great to see as well.

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Posted 2010-10-14T21:34:59+0000  by Fletch Fletch

Hey there Fletch.  I might just have a couple ideas for you, but first I wanted to ask how old are your kids (I want to keep any ideas practical for their age) and is there any particular theme you guys had in mind? Get back to me as I love projects that give me an excuse to draw and brainstorm!



Posted 2010-10-15T14:39:06+0000  by Chris_HD_ATL

I have a 10 year old and 7 year old

Posted 2010-10-15T16:21:52+0000  by Fletch

Happy  Halloween Fletch!  It sounds like your family enjoys decorating together – and last year’s flying witch into the garage sounds exciting!  I have had several customers come into my store asking for help creating a “family Halloween” and I want to share these ideas with you.


Traditional Harvest: Of course, there are the traditional pumpkins, corn shocks, and straw displays.  Place several bales of straw side-by-side.  Position corm shocks behind the straw bales.  Arrange pumpkins in front of and on top of the bales.  Pumpkins can have cut-out faces and tea lights inside.  For safety, use battery operated lights inside the pumpkins. 


Create a Scarecrow Family: Use dowel rods or stakes cut proportionally to each family members’ size (adults are the longest/ tallest, with additional rods cut shorter for smaller children).  Get old clothes from each family member (jeans, long sleeved shirt – especially plaid, shoes, and work gloves) and place over the rod.  Stuff the body, legs, and arms with plastic bags (the ones that you recycle) until you are satisfied with the “shape.”  Use old sports balls or pumpkin heads for the scarecrow head – or use a hat to cover the “face.”  Position in the front yard. 


Makeshift Graveyard in the Front Yard: Make a tombstone out of left over plywood (cardboard will not last through rain).  Each member of the family can have a stone; adults are the “largest,” kid-sized “smaller,” and pets cut to their “shape.”  Paint them black and everyone can personalize their tombstone.  Put in the front yard or line up along the pathway to the front door!  Attach some gauze or fake “Christmas” snow for effect.


Invasion of the Big Black Spiders: Cut up egg cartons (one egg cup per spider), paint black, and attach black pipe cleaners.  Attach randomly all over the side of the house – or have them crawling up to the roofline in unison for maximum effect.


Scary Blob: Get a large piece of cardboard (minimum 2’x2’ – the bigger the blob, the bigger the base needs to be!).  Position a dowel rod (at least 2’ long) in the center of the base.  We used Great StuffTM   insulating foam sealant (Big Gap Filler in the black can).  Be sure to do a test shot on the base to see how fast the foam expands before starting the project.   Wear old clothes and use eye protection.  Create a wide circle starting from the outside of the base and work inward and upward.  This stuff REALLY EXPANDS QUICKLY!   It dries quickly – so embellish with old clothes and shoes, party decorations – whatever looks scary to you!  Your blob is hungry!   After drying about an hour, paint with RustoleumR Glow in the Dark Specialty Paint.  It should cure in about 2 hours.  Add a clear coat of exterior spray paint and your blob is ready.


Create the Mood: Play some scary music that you downloaded from online – haunted house organ music will definitely set the tone for a frightening night!


ChrisFixIt’s drawings will show you some examples – a special treat will come soon so check back!


If you need some larger inflatable decorations, The Home Depot has a number of great Halloween and harvest items online – they can be shipped to you in just a few days – just in time for Halloween.


I hope your Halloween is spook-o-licious!

Posted 2010-10-15T16:38:17+0000  by Eileen_HD_ATL

Here ya go Fletch I hope you like them :robotvery-happy:


Posted 2010-10-15T16:47:39+0000  by Chris_HD_ATL
This is great stuff....thanks for the ideas. I like the tombstone picture, as my kids never take out the trash or eat brocoli.

Posted 2010-10-15T22:20:00+0000  by Fletch

My daughter and I made a fun graveyard scene a couple of years ago.  I bought the pink styrofoam insulation at HD.  I cut it into several different headstone shapes (AFTER peeling off the protective plastic) while my daughter sanded the edges to round them out.  We went online and found several sites with humorous epitaphs.  I wrote the eptiaphs on with a permanent marker, then used either a wood burning tool or a soldering iron to etch the epitaphs into the "stones".  We sponge painted gray, mossy green and black paint on to age the stones.  A couple of small floodlights and a fog maching made a pretty convincing scene.

Posted 2010-10-16T17:01:08+0000  by SteveCz

Hi SteveCz and welcome to the community! That sounds really cool, I didn't think to burn the letters in :robotsurprised: that's a great idea that I'll have to remember for my own projects. If you all do anything this year be sure to post some pictures for us.

Posted 2010-10-18T14:06:17+0000  by Chris_HD_ATL

Here is another fun decoration idea.  I use my Dremel to carve out all kinds of designs.


My Dremel  400XPR with the Flex-shaft attatchment.      sm dremel.JPG




sm pattern.JPG



Print the pattern that you want to use and             

transfer it onto the item that you are going                   

to carve. I use carbon paper to transfer mine. 





sm transfer.JPG


This is what it will look like once you transfer the pattern onto it.







sm carving.JPG


Here is what it looks like once it is all carved out. This pumpkin is just for

decoration so I didn't go all the way thru.






sm stitch.JPG

This one my 13 year old daughter did and it turned out great. She

cut all the way thru on hers so we put a battery operated LED light

in it so it would shine at night.







As you can see you can really let your imagination run wild.

This one I didn’t go all the way thru but I did install a lite.

I had to go with an electric one that is rated for this application

so it would be bright enough to shine thru. The opertunities

are endless when your willing to try new things.

I have used the same tool for many different project.


Keep a look out for more project done with the Dremel

for the Holidays.


Be safe and have fun.. Post pictures of your projects..

Posted 2010-10-20T21:31:02+0000  by Christine_HD_OC

Those look awesome! My jack-o-lanterns don't look that amazing, but I'd still like to make sure they last for a bit longer - are there any ways to keep these pumpkins fresh longer? Should I bring them in at night or something?

Posted 2010-10-29T00:49:42+0000  by samsambuca

Hello samsambuca,

    I have been carving real pumpkins for many years and I feel your pain about all that work and for what a couple of days. The last couple of years I have been trying different things. I like the results that I get from putting petroleum jelly on all of the cut edges. You can also revive a shriveled pumpkin by soaking it in water for 1-8 hours. After its done soaking drain it and dry it carefully. That should give it a little more life. Hope this helps you out. Please post some pictures of your pumpkins. You can see a couple of my fake ones above. Have fun and be safe..

Posted 2010-10-29T17:26:27+0000  by Christine_HD_OC
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