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Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Problem


I have Hampton Bay model AC-418 ceiling fan that has stopped working correctly after about a year of trouble free use.  For no reason that I can discern, the fan stopped working and the lights are very dim.  I can spin the fan easily by hand.  When all of the light bulbs are removed, the sockets have 120 volts, but if a light bulb is plugged in then the voltage in the other sockets will drop to about 13 volts.  Lights and fan are not responsive to the remote control.  Batteries in the remote control are good and the red light on the remote control lights up when any of the buttons are pushed.  I'm thinking I may have a bad remote receiver, but am not 100% sure by any measure.  Can anybody help out with troubleshooting this?

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Posted 2011-01-09T23:38:29+0000  by cerulean1300s cerulean1300s

Hey cerulean1300s,


Let's get into troubleshooting your ceiling fan. I'm a Home Depot associate and I've sold as well as installed a few Hampton Bays in my life.


Considering that you have checked out the load voltage with a multimeter and your remote (transmitter) works, I am with you in terms of the culprit is most likely going to be the receiver. The receiver could have gone out for numerous reasons, be it a connection that got loose, to unfortunately a voltage spike that could of occured on the line that might of burned out any internal connections. There are several different circuits inside the receiver that control fan speed, and the dimming of the lights. Rather than repair, the easiest thing to do is to replace the entire receiver itself since your remote (transmitter) is fine. Here is a picture of the location of it on your fan



Also, I have included the owners manual on your fan here is the link:


Your fan, model AC-418-OBB, SKU#581-239 is a Brookdale Oil Brushed Bronze fan. Heres the part I have to say and I hate saying it. Since we are pretty sure that its the receiver, they are usually installed at the factory between the motor housing and light kit which means sometimes entire replacement of the fan.:mansad: Fortunately, you have a limited lifetime warranty with the fan, so talk to your local Home Depot store to see if they can trade out a similar fan for you, because I believe the Brookedale in that finish is a clearanced out stock product and we no longer carry it in the stores or online. You can search fan parts websites as well to find that, but remember, receivers such as yours are very specific to the fan. Adding a universal receiver above the fan motor in the bracket housing will not remedy the situation due to the power being interrupted below in the old receiver. I hope I have helped you out in your situation, and please let us know if you have any further questions.






Posted 2011-01-10T15:38:02+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL

Thanks for the help, and especially the link to the owners manual.  I called the number in the owners manual and the technical representative confirmed that the problem is most likely the remote reciever.  The part is $35 + tax, so I'll just order that and install the new part.  Once I get that installed I'll post again to report whether or not that fixed the problem.

Posted 2011-01-10T19:38:38+0000  by cerulean1300s


      I have a 52 ridt model ceiling fan both the lights and the fan have quit working. I have checked the off and on switch and it is s getting power to it with no problem. What do you think is the problem with my fan!

Posted 2011-06-27T23:38:38+0000  by GJBAMBIC

I have a Hampton Bay model ac-552rm52b. The fan will turn but only on a very slow speed and the light will work. Do you think my problem is the same? can you sirect me to a manual? I dont have a receipt for it so can I still get a replacment under warranty?

Posted 2011-08-09T14:42:11+0000  by billpam91

Hey aboveaveragejoe,


I am having a different issue with my ceiling fan .  I have a Hampton Bay model # 71607/ sku# 1000507127


I have changed the batteries on my remote and it seems to work fine.  I can manually turn on the lights on my ceiling fan, they work and do not seem to be dim at all.  But I am NOT able to turn on the fan, either with the remote or manually.


Your thoughts?

Posted 2011-08-13T14:53:04+0000  by C3B


I am actually a designer at Home Depot and bought a Hampton Bay fan about a year ago. I recently noticed all of the lights were burnt out and the fan now operates at only one of the speeds. Could this also be a receiver problem? I am thinking maybe we had a power outage, but I am upset because I had to pay over $150 for the fan and another 120.00 to have it installed. Is the receiver difficult to replace and why can;t they send out the part for free as this seems to be a defect in the design.



Posted 2011-08-17T09:24:48+0000  by waterlily1

I have a Hampton Bay Model AC-55200

The fan has worked well for 12-15 years, but stopped working this summer.

I have changed batteries in the remote control and no change.

I hear the fan click when I press the remote control but the fan does not turn.

Initially if I gave it a nudge, the fan would spin and work well for a while and then go off.

Now it will not pick up if I nudge it.

I do not have the receipt but wanted to check with this forum if there are any suggestion.



Posted 2011-09-19T00:43:28+0000  by Lorigman

I am having a similar issue and wondered if anyone can help out  I moved into the condo I live in now almost 6 years ago; and before i moved in, the previous owner had remodeled the entire place, in the process putting in 2 new hampton bay fans.  They have both been trouble free up until just a few days ago when the fan in my bedroom all the sudden stopped working completely; i mean there is no power getting to either the fan or the light kit on it; and it seems to me that it could possibly be the motor maybe?; I am sure this is a long since discontinued model since it was from approx. 2004. It is a 4-bladed fan that is part of the "Romano" by hampton bay series model 360-424. It has a stainless steel like finish with a bezel like piece around the bottom with 4 wood-look blades on it. Now, since i am on a very tight budget, i can not in any way or form afford to buy a new one and the previous owner unfortunately did not leave the purchase receipt for it. What can be done to fix this problem and it had better be something i can work with cause i can not afford to spend 200+ bucks on a new one...

Posted 2011-09-25T18:02:13+0000  by matts6887

i almost forgot to add this fan is entirely remote controlled and the remote works just fine

Posted 2011-09-25T18:03:37+0000  by matts6887

not sure if i have a receiver problem or if a need an entire new fan.  i have a hampton bay fan that is remote control only.  the lights work, no problem; however, the other day the fan starting acting crazy; when i hit reverse, it did not reverse, it just went on high.  then when i went to turn it low it would stop, etc.  eventually it just started going really slow, and then even slower and eventually just stopped and will not turn back on.  i have other hampton bay remotes and fans in the house, so i tried other remotes and again the light will work but no luck with the fan.  does anyone know if i need an entire new fan after only 6 years, or can i replace the receiver.  

Posted 2011-10-04T05:05:49+0000  by jenill7777
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