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Hampton Bay Ceiling fan, low output

I just had a Hampton Bay ceiling fan installed about 6 weeks ago and the "high" setting is like the "low" setting on every other fan I've ever owned.  


What would be the reason for this low output and is there a simple fix I can do myself.




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Posted 2011-08-06T05:50:51+0000  by breatheez breatheez

My first suspect would be a defective speed control switch. You know the fan motor itself is OK by it working at all. These are usuallly pretty easy to replace as long as you turn the circuit breaker off first. Just swap the wires on the old control to the new one. You can always make a diagram before disconecting anything or better yet take a cell phone picture. Home Depot is usually pretty good about replacing defective things if you take the defective switch back. I just did this with two, twenty four year old ceiling fans that were in the condo I recently bought. The output difference was amazing after replacing the speed control switches. This is an easy fix and shouldn't cost you anything except for a few minutes of your time. BTW, I am assuming your switch is seperate from tthe fan housing. If it isn't then I would have the electrican who installed it swap out the whole fan as otherwise you would have to take the fan housing apart to replace the speed control switch. In either case it should be under warranty.

Posted 2011-08-06T14:36:18+0000  by macfan

Hey breatheez,


Macfan is dead on about finding what is most likely the reason your celing fan output is so low.


Replacing the fan speed switch is the easiest  way to fix your fan speed. Depending on if you have 2 or 3 wires, we at The Home Depot sell the right switches for your needs.



Other than trading out for a new speed switch, other factors maybe as varied as a new capacitor, or unfortunately if the motor is bad, a total replacement of the fan.


Let us know if this works out for you,


Posted 2011-08-06T14:55:52+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL

if that does not work check your wall on-off switch...  is it a dimmer switch?  you can get a15 or 20 switch at home depo that might help

Posted 2011-08-08T03:16:20+0000  by glenab16

I have the same problem, however my fan is run by a remote.  The fan turns but, when put through the different speed levels, there is only the low stetting.  What could be the problem?


Posted 2012-07-19T00:34:05+0000  by LWP

Hello LWP.  Welcome to the Community!


The usual suspect for a one speed condition include the remote control receiver in the fan, and possibly the capacitors.  Your best solution for this is to jot down the 12 digit UPC code found on the upper part of the motor housing and with this information call our customer support team as shown below:


Fan UPC pix.jpg


Customer Service.jpg



I hope this helps,




Posted 2012-07-20T14:23:29+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI
No one asked you yet and you don't have it in your the fan by any chance on a remote. If so sometimes when people add remotes onto fans they don't check the pull chain setting to see if it's on high. If the setting is on medium or low then your remote will never get on a high speed. Just a thought..
Posted 2012-07-20T14:48:50+0000  by AAriondo

That's a good point AAriondo.


LWP wrote:

I have the same problem, however my fan is run by a remote...

I just assumed that if there were pull switches that LWP would have said so since the discussions so far have been centered around them.






Posted 2012-07-20T14:55:19+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI

I, as well, am having the same problem. Model # 418, Date: 0305. SKU# 761-567. SN# 005621 DF. This unit was in my home when I bought it in 2007. I do not run the fan often but about a month ago, I noticed the rotations are very slow. The low setting moves at a crawl. The medium setting actually moves slightly faster than the high setting. And the high setting is almost as bad as the low. I'm no electrician but I'm thinking it may me a motor problem. Should I take the time to fix? Have someone come to the house? Or have HD possibly replace with a newer model? 

Posted 2012-07-21T02:22:51+0000  by saspurs

Hello saspurs and welcome...

I am trying to find your fan but that sku# does not show up in the system.   What brand is it...Hampton Bay, Hunter ect...

The UPC will help a little better if you can see it on top of the fan.


Your issue may or may not be the motor,  but first we need to know exactly what fan it is. 

Posted 2012-07-21T14:07:22+0000  by AAriondo

Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, I do not know the actual name brand. But I do have the following info.


Model #: AC 418

SN #: 005621 Df

Date: 0305

SKU #: 761-567

UPC #: 792145350996

Vendor #: 11289


This unit was in place when I bought my home in 2007. At one time, the 3 settings worked fine. Unit works off a remote. 


Hampton Bay Remote

Model: UC7083T


The light dimming works fine. Batteries are fresh. It's just the fans speeds not working properly. The settings on the remote and the fan, do match. 


Thanks again. 

Posted 2012-07-22T15:22:57+0000  by saspurs
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