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Hampton Bay Chandellier Identification


I'm trying to identify this light fixture to replace cracked shade/glass surrounding the bulb -- too dangerous to reach the top by the ceiling. Some pictures below.

No visible markings besides a warning label. Just bought the house - someone suggested this is a Hampton Bay item.


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Posted 2020-09-15T03:43:09+0000  by OFFMason OFFMason

From one Joseph to another, good morning!

Unfortunately, the only way to see if this is a Hampton Bay fixture (I have never seen this chandelier in the 19+ years I've worked at The Home Depot in various Atlanta stores) is to turn the power off to the fixture and remove the canopy cover. 

Inside the canopy where it meets the ceiling will give you all the pertinent information on it. The reason why is that those stickers can look unsightly and tacky if left exposed on the outside of the fixture, let alone can be damaged or faded over time.

This is really the only option you have to determine what fixture you have. However, it may be an easier option to replace all 3 glass parts with identical new ones. If all 3 are a 2-1/4" fitter size, then you will have no trouble finding replacement glasses for them.

As for just 'looking' at a fixture to see what brand it is, you have to remember that there are tens of thousands of lighting companies that exist, and just as many that no longer do. 

So if you really want to get the exact replacement glass, removing the canopy cover at the ceiling as mentioned earlier is the only surefire way to know what brand you have.  The sticker inside should have all relevant model and part numbers for it. 



Posted 2020-09-15T12:46:19+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
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