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Hampton Bay Fan lights up but won't turn

Does anyone know possible solutions for my Hampton Bay fan that doesn't spin but lights up?  I tried swapping out batteries from another remote to no avail...  Can it be fixed or does it need to be replaced?  Thanks!

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Posted 2012-02-23T02:54:56+0000  by shopper13 shopper13

Hi, Shopper13.

Thanks for reaching out to us.

First off, I apologize for the problem you're having with your fan, but I think we can get it resolved quickly.

If the motor is humming & you can physically move the blades with your hands, then most likely the capacitor needs to be replaced. If the motor is not humming, it could be the motor, which is under the limited lifetime warranty of the fan.


So if you could email me with the UPC number on the fan (located on a silver/gold sticker top of the motor housing), I'll locate the tech support/parts department for this fan & they can advise what part will resolve the issue.

I've attached a picture of what the sticker will look like so you can easily recognize it. :)


- Thanks, Nicki (

Posted 2012-02-23T15:16:02+0000  by THDCustomerCare

Thanks for your post.  The problem with the fan motor not working on a remote controlled fan could be a number of different problems.  First we need to drop the canopy and bypass the receiver to see if the motor still works.  If the motor works the receiver needs to be replaced.  Home Depot sell only the receiver and transmitter as a unit for around $30.  If the motor still doesn't work it could be the capasitor which is located in the nose(Switch Housing) of the fan.  Tech support for hamton bay fans is at 1-877-902-5588.  They will need the model/upc located on the top of the motor housing.

  If this is some other manufacturer the the receiver may be built into the motor housing and replacement parts would have to come from the manufacturer.  Let us know.  Good luck 



Posted 2012-02-23T15:21:26+0000  by Stukas

Dear Shopper,


I've installed many Hampton Fans.  I believe what you are describing is a problem that is not uncommon at all.


Something to check before you unstall this beautiful fan you just spent a hour installing to return it for a new one. 

1.  When you turn on fan does the fan make a humming noise (and the lights turn on) ?

         If yes then the first thing I would recommend is turning the power OFF to the fan
            (I.E. find the breaker(or fuse) that the fan is on and turn it off at the box.)

         After the power is off Go through all the wires that you connected.  Most updated electronic devices for consumers use devices call "quick connects"  Quick connects are plastic connectors that splice wires together with out the need of strippers and wire nuts.  They save a huge amount of time and are great however I have noticed in my experience that sometimes if by manufacturing errors or through install strains sometimes those wires that are connected to the quick connect become loose.  I have installed 3 fans with failed quick connects.


   So inspect each quick connect and verify that none of them are loose.  If you fine one that is loose you may need to splice the wire yourself with a wirenut. (cheap and easy) 

  Before cutting any of the wires first inspect all the quick connect wires at the point at which they sit into the metal connection.  After you have completed doing this and it is safe to do so turn the power back on and try your fan.

(  I often leave the trim piece off when i test the fan.  I will wiggle the wires with the power on but I know what I’m doing.  If you do this you must be careful  ) 


hope this helped. 


Posted 2012-02-23T15:34:20+0000  by MeridenMan

Could be wireing issue. Check all connections per your manual. May also be a bad motor and will need to be replaced. Need diagnostic help. Call Bob at Store #4028. He is a ceiling fan guru.:smileyhappy:

Posted 2012-02-25T04:05:37+0000  by lancelot


I have the opposite problem~fan works fine,

Light brightness goes up/down on remote, but flourescent light is dead

Replaced, tube and ballast~nothing.Don't read any voltage to ballast

UPC 082392552961 Windward II 54 in.

Bought 07/01/2001.


Posted 2012-03-12T14:37:27+0000  by retirednow


Thanks for that UPC! I think it would be best for you to call the tech support department for this fan & get some advise on how to resolve the issue. If you need parts,. they can sell them to you directly from the warehouse. Please give them a call at 1-800-330-3267.   :)

Please email me if you have any further questions.

- Thanks, Nicki

Posted 2012-03-12T15:12:37+0000  by THDCustomerCare

Thanks Nicki,


new control module ordered.



Posted 2012-03-12T17:40:56+0000  by retirednow


  I have a hampton bay fan, believe model #L058N, which the remote doesn't seem to be working.  It's a contemporary fan, with halogen light and 3 blades.  the battery on the remote is fine.  The light switch on the wall will turn on the light of the fan, but nothing happens when hit the light button on the remote.  Also, cannot turn on the fan at all.  The power switch on the wall is on, but nothing happens.  Don't hear the motor doing anything.  Before, when turning on the switch on the wall (not remote), the fan would turn on at whatever speed was set to.  Now, nothing.  Nothing happens when trying the remote.  Have checked the wires, and all attached firmly.  Looked for the UPC to see the serial number, but don't seem to be able to find it.  Do see numbers 3066708, and E181654, but not sure if they are correct.  Suspect the remote/receiver is bad, but not sure what to do.   Please advise.  Thanks....

Posted 2012-07-08T21:22:13+0000  by jnewman176

Hi jnewman176,


Sorry to hear that you are experiencing troubles with your fan.  Since you are unable to locate the 12-digit UPC from the top of the fans motor housing, please email a couple photos of the entire fan to and I will be happy to attempt to identify it that way, and provide you the information you need for assistance. 


Thanks kindly,


Robert G

HD Customer Care

Social Media Team

Posted 2012-07-08T21:45:43+0000  by THDCustomerCare



I'm never good with posting and hope I'm doing it correctly under a similar topic.  I have a windward III 54" Ceiling Fan, UPC 082392551568. My fan has worked great for the past 7 years but the fan stopped spinning yesterday.  The lights above and below the motor assembly work fine.  I took off the fan blades and felt the motor.  When the power is on, the motor feels like it's vibrating so I pushed the brackets forward where the blades belong and it spun.  I shut the power off from the light switch until the spinning stopped... then I turned the power back on and pushed the blade bracket in the opposite direction and it spun again.  This is occurring whether or not the remote has the fan on. I immediately looked for my receipt but cannot find it yet.  Will keep looking.


Any ideas for a possible solution?



Posted 2012-07-18T00:24:22+0000  by dsmooth
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