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Hampton Bay fan lights not staying on

We have an identical problem on an identical Hampton Bay fan (UPC 718212149201) as ymm33 (Posted 2012-09-30T13:42:03+0000). There is a click sound and the lights go out about 1/2 second after turning them on with the wall switch. I believe this fan has a built-in circuit which limits the total bulb wattage, which I believe is what is taking out the lights.

The bulbs in use are the originals, and we have even tried removing the bulbs in the circuit to reduce the wattage, but the clicking sound and bulb turns off when only one installed. The click sound also occurs when all three bulbs are removed and the wall light switch is turned on.

I would be interested to know if ymm33 followed up with Hampton Bay, and if so, the outcome.
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Posted 2020-01-18T21:02:07+0000  by johns930 johns930
Is this a new problem, if so when/how did it start?  Some ceiling fans do have a mechanism for limiting the wattage of light bulbs.  What kind of bulbs are you putting in the fan?  If this is an older fan I’m wondering if modern LED bulbs are confusing the wattage limiter?  Have you tried traditional incandescent bulbs?

Beyond that: 1-855-HD-Hampton (855-434-2678)
Posted 2020-01-19T11:55:22+0000  by Adam444
Hi John930, and welcome to the Community!

Adam is correct, you should contact Hampton Bay, as we advised ymm33. Please call the number below and they will be able to help you. 

Posted 2020-01-23T13:18:58+0000  by Angelo_HD_CHI
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