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Hampton Bay fan remote replacement

I bought a house with a Hampton Bay fan with light installed. It is model #CR552R1. It obviously runs off a remote, but it is not in the house. Can you tell me which is the replacement model of the remote and does Home Depot sell them? 

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Posted 2011-09-25T20:38:17+0000  by loriburshan loriburshan

Im not sure how much this will help ya out, but i will give it a shot anyway:' hampton bay(home depot owned product line) should be able to give ya what remote goes with that fan as long as u have something like some sorta paperwork or instructions showing the model name and/or number. If u dont have anything with the model name and/or number on it u could always try finding a pic of it somewhere online and posting the pic of the model that urs looks like.

Posted 2011-09-25T21:39:15+0000  by matts6887

Hello loriburshan,


Thanks for your question and welcome to the community!


Most ceiling fans nowadays that have a remote control with them, regardless of brand, typically have their receiver unit (where the remote control receives its signal) above the fan motor in the housing where the fan is connected to the ceiling, be it flush mount or one with a downrod. A few models do have their receivers locating inside the light kit under the motor housing, and to find out you'll need to turn your power off and take off the canopy first to see just exactly where the receiver is. If it isn't in the canopy, you can next go under the light kit. I did a little research on your fan, and I couldn't track down the model number, but it should have a SKU number written on top of the motor housing.....


fan identification.JPG


You can replace the receiver as well as the transmitter at the same time, which will allow for easier troubleshooting. At The Home Depot,  our ceiling fan remote controls are universal and can work in just about any ceiling fan out there. We sell them in Hampton Bay as well as Hunter. All you would need to do is to replace the receiver in the ceiling fan, put batteries in the transmitter (the remote itself) and set the dip switches in both pieces to make sure the fan will operate. I get asked a lot if you can just buy the remote itself, and you cannot, which to me a very good thing. If you purchased just the remote, you may have issues with the receiver as well, so the kit that has the receiver and transmitter is always sold that way. Below is an example of one of the remotes we sell...



Please update us on your progress, any additional questions please feel free to ask, or for any other technical support, we can assist you there via our customer care representatives.


Hope this helps you out,


Posted 2011-09-26T17:18:56+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL

What if we need a replacment for the part that is in the motor housing?  Can a replacment for that specific unit be purchased without using a universal replacment kit?

Posted 2012-04-15T17:32:15+0000  by MattH

Welcome to the community MattH!


If your replacement part is in the motor housing, and it is a Hampton Bay fan, I'd recommend to contact their Customer Service line. I have the link for more information listed below. 

Customer Service Number & Information for Hampton Bay fan Replacement Parts

As long as you follow the steps in the link above, Hampton Bay's Customer Service team should be able to zero in on getting you the proper part for your Hampton Bay ceiling fan.




Posted 2012-04-16T13:36:26+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL

Hi, I just recently moved to a rented house which has a Hampton Bay Remote controlled fremand the remote is all beat up and works only every now and then. SoI went to Home Depot and they recommended I buy the Hampton Bay hand held wireless remote sky 191 691 (the same one on your post). I bought it and when tried to install it I found that the fan had no receiver in the canopy, so I checked thehousing and it seems to be that it has a built in receiver, which I presumed worked fine as the remote was the one going n and off even with freshbatteries. I configured the new remote switch pins to the same on-off positions on the 4-blockswitch pin set of the old remote, but it did not work. 


I guessed it would but it did not. And now I'm stuck with a remote that does not work with a fan with a built in receiver of the same brand with the same 4-pin switch block with a plug instead of wires and no idea on how to bypass or eliminate the built in receiver and install the new one.


Please help. Below is a pic of my fan.



Posted 2012-10-21T20:22:15+0000  by perezrob

you posted a picture of a remote control for hampton fan model #T2&R1...

where can I buy one of those exact remotes?


Thanks, Nowell (

Posted 2013-01-08T03:10:26+0000  by uphamn

That is the biggest load of crap to get you to buy the entire kit.  All you have to do is match the dip switches in the remote with the dip switches in the transmitter.  I know this because I just bought the remote control and transmitter.  I did what I previously described and it worked perfectly.  Just admit that it is a money grab instead of saying it is difficult to match frequencies.

Posted 2013-01-12T18:16:49+0000  by Suj_S

"You can replace the receiver as well as the transmitter at the same time, which will allow for easier troubleshooting."  That is not true.  In most cases where the fan comes from the factory with a built in wireless controller, there is a good chance that the aftermarket remotes that are sold at Home Depot and others will not work.  One feature that will most likely be lost is the reversability of the fan.  This is done throught the factory remote.  Aftermarket ones do not do this.  Your only option is to get the factory replacement or better yet, replace the entire fan.

Posted 2013-03-31T02:27:37+0000  by AZBri

I need to replace the remote and receiver in a Hampton Bay ceiling fan,

will this wok?

Posted 2013-12-03T16:50:54+0000  by klhandyman
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