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Hampton Bay replacement glass globes for ceiling fan

My nephews cracked the glass globe and broke it on my patio ceiling fan.

I am so frustrated because I can't find anyone that can tell me where to get a replacement,


There are so many number on the sticker that I am not sure what you need to help me.

The light kit has the 3 screws to secure the glass.

I don't know the name of the fan but this is the information I got off the sticker



Model AC5520D


Model# SN 002925

Then there are two numbers on smaller stickers that read:

E75795 and E527164


Can you please let me know what light kits would fit into this fan so I can buy a replacement please ?


Thank you so so much

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Posted 2012-03-26T18:38:59+0000  by sussie64 sussie64

Hi Sussie64, Welcome to the community. Sorry to hear about your broken globe. So let’s get you some help right away.


You have the correct UPC and Model#, take this information and call the Hampton Bay Customer Service Team and they can get you the needed part information for your fan. You can also place an order for the part at that time. Hope this helps.


Hampton Bay Help.jpg

Posted 2012-03-26T21:31:59+0000  by Ken_HD_OC

Integrated frosted opal schoolhouse light fixture for fan AL383-WH where can I get one?

Posted 2012-05-22T01:44:40+0000  by gcsd3742

Hello gcsd3742.  Welcome to the Community!



Hugger Ceiling Fan.PNG



This model fan is sold on-line exclusively.  If you just need a replacement light kit, please call our customer service line at the number shown below:


Hampton Bay Help.jpg


I hope this helps,





Posted 2012-05-22T14:52:43+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI


I have the same problem as the previous writer. I have an old ceiling fan. Model Number E75795. This is all the information I have, unfortunately and need to replace teh broken globe. any suggestions? Also a manual would be great. Thanks, Irina.

Posted 2012-07-17T18:51:44+0000  by Irina1980

Hello Irina.  Welcome to the Community!


The best way to solve your dilema is to jot down the 12 digit UPC code found on the upper part of the motor housing and with this information call our customer support team as shown below:


Fan UPC pix.jpg


With the UPC, customer support can identify the parts you need as well as get you a downloadable manual if it is available.


Customer Service.jpg


I hope this helps,




Posted 2012-07-17T19:08:30+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI

I have a similar issue, cracked globe to an AC-527 (fan already installed when we purchased the property), we have contacted Hampton Bay to no avail.   Can anyone please let me know if there is a way to obtain a replacement part for this, it would be greatly appreiated.  I really do not want to have to replace this fan due to this issue as we have a second identical fan in the next room which would mean we might have to replace 2 fans if this is not available.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thank you.

Posted 2012-07-21T14:20:33+0000  by crzyg8r

Hi crzyg8r, welcome to the community and were glad you joined. Sorry to hear you're having trouble locating the replacement globe. Let’s see if we can find it.


You will need the model number and UPC code. These are located on a sticker on top of the motor housing. You may need to use a small mirror to help get that information. You need these as there are several manufactures of Hampton Bay fan.


Once you have that information please post it here and I will work on getting you the replacement part number for your globe and where you can get it. Hope this helps.


Posted 2012-07-23T18:28:31+0000  by Ken_HD_OC

My fan is a about 4 years old and it has two glass globes. I've broken one of them. Model 52-CS, UPC: 082392303075. Wondering if a replacement globe is even available anymore as I don't see this specific model being sold anymore. I tried to google the UPC, but nothing significant comes up.


Posted 2012-08-11T06:15:38+0000  by drakehouse
I too need a replacement Hampton Bay glass. I pulled the cover to the motor housing and there are no UPC or model stickers on it.

Is there another location for these?
Posted 2012-08-13T14:09:14+0000  by kmkramer71

Hey drakehouse,


Thanks for your question and welcome to the community!


Lots of our models that Hampton Bay carries is no longer sold in our stores or online, but that doesn't mean that by contacting them we can't get it for you.


As stated throughout this thread, please contact Hampton Bay's direct Customer Service line, and they can get you squared away with your replacement glass. The Hampton Bay representatives have a more exhaustive search approach than Google; it is after all their company.:smileyhappy:


Just to make sure you get the information, refer to the image below.


hampton bay customer service


I hope this has helped you out,


Posted 2012-08-13T20:30:04+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
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