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Hanging a flat screen TV on a wall

I have a 47" flat screen T.V. That I want to hang on the wall above my fireplace.  What is the best and safest way to hang the T.V.  Do I need to find the stud in the wall?   Can I use anchors?  I am afraid if I have to use a stud that it might not hang centered to the fireplace.   Thanks for the help!  I really don't want the T.V. To fall, so I would like to get an opinion on the most secure options.  Thanks!

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Posted 2010-11-12T03:47:09+0000  by handyman1 handyman1

Hello Handyman1, The Hammer can help, I work in hardware at a Home Depot in Atlanta, and I'm also a blacksmith so I've anchored lots of pieces that I've made (handrails, wall sconces, and art)  to many types of walls. First, yes it would be best to find a stud, it must be wood, and use a small lag, or wood screw to mount the T.V. to the wall... safe, secure, no hassles. But, aesthetics and symmetry are important, so you'll probably need to use an anchor of some sort. Now depending on the age of your place, you may have metal studs, which is another reason to use an anchor; metal studs won't hold the weight.


You don't say if this is a flat mount or a telescoping mount, so we'll start with the flat mount first. Toggle bolts are a good solution to the problem (some people call them butterfly bolts), because they open up inside the wall and press against the inside of  the drywall, holding the mount up. A Toggler is a newer type and variation of the toggle bolt, but works the same way. You can find both of these options at a Home Depot near you, and any hardware associate will be able to show you how they function. I'll include some photos as a product reference.


 Now if it is an extending mount, you will have some leverage issue to deal with. If the T.V. is further from the wall,  the anchors will pull out, and all the kings horses and all the kings men... well, you get the idea. If that is the case, you will need to cut out a chunk of drywall to put in some blocking between the studs, then you have something sturdy on which to anchor your mount , and the T.V. won't come down during the game.... Go (insert your favorite team here)!


I hope this helps, and if you have any more questions I'm here for you.


Ray the Hammer




toggle bolt.jpegtoggle bolt




Posted 2010-11-12T15:42:40+0000  by TheHammer

Hi Handyman1,


Just did a search in the community and found your question.  I am also planning on hanging a flatscreen our bedroom.  Just curious if you had any suggestions for the wires that would run from the TV or HDMI wires that are coming from the cable box to the TV. 


I was thinking about cutting a 2x2 square in drywall behind the TV and about 6 inches from the floor, and running the wires behind the drywall to the bottom of the wall.  I figured I could buy a "face plate" at HD, to make it look professional.


Do you have any other ideas?   



Posted 2011-01-07T20:09:44+0000  by Fletch

Hey Fletch, I think you have a good idea for hiding the cables.  The trick would be in the faceplate.

If you cut 2 standard outlet sized holes, you could use this bracket which provides the screw tangs for standard faceplates.

Leviton 1-Gang Wall Mounting Bracket:LevitonBracket.jpg

These are available at stores.  You will find them in the RJ45/computer plates bay in the Electrical department.

This gives maximum flexibility for the finished look.  Pick the faceplate that you can easily modify to accommodate the cable coming through it.  A blank one modified with some kind of a side-cut with a centered hole comes to mind.  If you get a more flexible plastic faceplate, once mounted you could barely tell how it was done!


Another option would be to use Wiremold brand cable managers which mount on the wall and hide the cables.  The Home Depot website carries a kit made just for flat screen TVs: LINK

The obvious advantage here is you won’t have to make holes in the wall to use these.


I hope this helps, and let us know how it turned out.




Posted 2011-01-07T21:27:04+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI

Thanks.  I am going to try doing what you suggest.  My wife is also interested in  putting up a shelf to hold the dvd player.  Does Home Depot sell the all in one Flat screen TV Mount with a shelf?



Posted 2011-01-14T16:03:17+0000  by Fletch

What's up, Fletch, I'm glad the posts have helped.

Head down to The Home Depot an check out the electrical dept. Near where the universal T.V. remotes are located you should find the mounts that you are looking for. I seem to recall seeing one like you want, but can't be 100% sure if it is something we carry or have carried in the past.

You needed to go to Home Depot today anyway, didn't you?

Ray the Hammer

Posted 2011-01-14T16:12:26+0000  by TheHammer

I have the same question about hanging the TV above the fireplace, but my fireplace wall is stone and mortar and goes to the ceiling. Is there a way to firmly attach the TV to this stone and mortar wall?

Posted 2011-01-18T14:27:11+0000  by dawnsky57



Yes you can do this.  You'll need to drill holes in the stone/mortar and use anchors.  Most wall hanging TV mounts include them.  If yours did not, I know home depot has a wide variety.

Posted 2011-01-18T16:48:16+0000  by JackLeblond

Get out your stud finder and search around.  I recently hung mine and discovered that I had a 12 inch header over my fireplace that was in the perfect spot for my TV mount.


Good luck!

Posted 2011-01-18T16:53:27+0000  by JackLeblond


dawnsky57 wrote:

I have the same question about hanging the TV above the fireplace, but my fireplace wall is stone and mortar and goes to the ceiling. Is there a way to firmly attach the TV to this stone and mortar wall?


Hello dawnsky57 , and welcome to the Home Depot Community!


Your question raises so many thoughts.  I will try to summarize a few:


From an interior design standpoint, placing a wide screen TV above a fireplace looks just fantastic.


From a watching TV standpoint, the high placement may not be so great, but in a large room or using recliners this may not be an issue.


From an electronics standpoint, TV's give off heat and have vents to cool them.  Mounting TV's over and against a heat source may shorten their working life.  You can use a thermometer to ensure the temperature stays below 100° or just plan on not using the TV when you have a fire going.


Lastly, mounting a TV on a stone wall can be done with drop-in anchors but…  Stone walls can be tricky since they do not offer a flat mounting surface, nor are they flat on their sides.  Any holes you make will be difficult to patch without it being obvious, once the mount is removed.



OK, so where do we go from here?  Would a ceiling mount solution work for you?  The TV could then reside near but not on the fireplace wall, and the mounts have height adjustments.  The cables could also be more easily hidden as well.


Otherwise, your local Home Depot has anchors, drills and drill bits that would allow you to set a wall mount on to the stone.  You may need an assortment of different length screws to achieve a flat mount on an otherwise uneven surface.  I assume you have a “real” stone fireplace, and not one with just a façade covering drywall with a fireplace insert.  For these you will need to find the studs and use screws or the toggle bolts/togglers suggested by TheHammer above.


I hope this helps,



Posted 2011-01-18T19:10:40+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI

which brand TV you are using.some brands like sony provide special features for these things so make sure that your brand has got this quality or not.

Thanks and Regards

Sony Support

Posted 2012-03-07T19:01:52+0000  by sonysupport
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