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Hawaii Islands

I live on the Big Island, Hawaii. Our climate is different than California. I don't see any of the Hawaiian Islands on your region map for planting preferences. How can I get specific plant recommendations for where I live? Thank you.
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Posted 2017-08-16T19:30:45+0000  by GrannyKay GrannyKay
Have you tried your local county extension service?  Folks in Hawaii are going to be most familiar with soil conditions, climate, and plants that work well there.  Here's one I found in a quick online search:
Posted 2017-08-16T22:51:34+0000  by Adam444
Greeting GrannyKay,

Adam is right, speaking with someone that is familiar with your regional temperatures, and native plantings, will provide the answers to many of your questions, I apologize for not having specific plant recommendations for your area on the site; I will try to find out why that is.

Stop by your local Home Depot, located at: 380 Makaala Street, Hilo, Hi., or you can call the store at (808) 920-8400. I spoke with a store associate, he recommends that you speak with, Terry, who works in the garden department; she can help you with plant recommendations for your zone and area of the “Big Island”.

I hope this helps you with your quest to find the correct plant selection. Please let us know the outcome and you need help with anything else…..Aloha, Maureen


Posted 2017-08-17T18:22:05+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS
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