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Help with Martha Stewart Precious Metals Paint

I am redoing my kids room in a Star Wars theme and when I went to go get a grey paint I saw the Precious Metals paint by Martha Stewart. What better paint for a room that is to look like it is from outer space :-)  I primed the walls first and have now done 2 coats of Mirror Glass paint color. BUT I'm not happy with all the roller marks that I can see. The person at my home depot paint departement, said that I should not need a special roller head... is that true? Now googling and looking at remarks for the Ralph Lauren version, I see I should do a complete floor to ceiling roll... will that really help?


Any other ideas or tips I could apply?

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Posted 2011-04-01T17:18:34+0000  by flipper flipper

    Hi there Flipper!


   Glad to have you as part of the community.


       When Martha Stewart first came out with her specialty paints I did a little R&D. My research found that, like most “special paints” there is a learning curve.  Anytime you are attempting a” non standard “technique.  Think about doing a test plate. (A 2x2 piece of drywall or, section of wall. Maybe in the garage).  When I first tried the Martha Stewart Metallic I too found it a little hard to work with. Not really problematic. Just. Different. I solved my  “problems “By just making sure I started with a slightly damp roller, followed by keeping my roller fully loaded at all times. The most common problem with specialty paint is the tendency to want to get the utmost coverage out of a moderately pricey product. So, along with keeping the roller wet, remember to do the initial coat using a “W” pattern, followed by a final smooth down from top to bottom. This should solve the roller marks as much as they can be solved. Do realize, however, that temperature and humidity also play a part in how paint participates. Please let me know if this has been helpful. I rely on feedback from those in the community to assist me in providing the best possible solutions.


        Thank you for your question! If I can be of any further assistance, please let me know.  




Posted 2011-04-01T22:47:40+0000  by TC_ArtDog

Hey Flipper!


TC gave you great advice ... particularly keeping the roller wet and using "smoothing stokes."


Several other members of the community have asked about Martha's new products.


Click here to link to that thread.


I believe the video and other information you read in the thread will give you simple as well as creative ideas that should help.

Posted 2011-04-02T10:33:01+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL

I cant figure out how to initiate a new topic-- forgive me.

My question is this:  can i add a white color to the Precious Metals "Froth" (gold) color, to soften the color and wah it out a little bit?  which paint would mix with it best, or which color stuff?


Posted 2011-05-02T00:32:21+0000  by jonsobin

Hey Jon!


Great question!


I consulted technical support before following up.


They developed the product instruction to ensure your success, and they discourage modifying the product by blending other paints to modify Precious Metals.


On the other hand, blending paint with faux glaze is a very common practice. It is a great way to "wash out" or soften the strength of a color without making the paint too thin to adhere.


The traditional instructions for mixing faux glaze suggest blending four-parts glaze with one-part paint. You might try this on a sample board first and mix additional samples at two-to-one and six-to-one.


The color should become more see-thru as you add more glaze.


Be sure to allow your samples to dry completely before deciding which mixture to use.


NOTE: Right out of the can, faux glaze is white. This should also help "soften the color and wash it out a little bit."

Posted 2011-05-03T15:31:11+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL

Am in the process of painting the base cabinets in my kitchen w/ Precious Metal Paint.  Have carefully rolled the first coat and it's gorgeous!  Patiently waiting 24 hrs to apply second coat but am wondering why it's required to wait 24 hours between coats?



Posted 2011-05-16T16:36:42+0000  by SkyLark

Great question Skylark!


Glad to hear that your first coat "looks gorgeous!"


ML Precious Metals is a special and unique product ... and I'm pleased that you are following the instructions.


This should ensure that your finished coat looks just as great!


Technical Support for this product says that the emulsion that creates the metal look is a slow cure material.


It requires 24-hours dry time to prevent the second coat from "re-wetting" and streaking the first coat.


Follow-up and give us feedback when you have finished the project!

Posted 2011-05-17T13:03:27+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL

I am having the same dilemma.. After installing wood floors I decided we need new paint.  I picked my colors and asked for Behr w/primer.  I asked if Behr carried metallic the answer was no but Martha Stewart did.  So I bought the metallic in gold for the spare room and silver for my son's room which is already grey. We came home excited and picked more metallic colors for the both bathrooms.  A complete mess!!!!! What I thought would be a 2 day project has turned into a week and an addition 150.00 later!  I specifically asked for primer and the HD agent said I didn't need it.  I'm still trying to fix the mess and thanks to this website I will take some of the advise and go for a second coat rolling from the top down to see if it looks better.  I'm exhausted.. but I'm not giving up.. so If it turns out ok I will come back and post.  :)


Posted 2011-06-30T23:04:15+0000  by Suz

Their is nothing you can do the roller helps a little but the paint is just not good.  Even if you follow every step it still will leave marks.

Posted 2011-07-23T03:29:35+0000  by trevgil

Having the same painting expert could not  even make the paint behave. 

 I called Home Depot, they said they have a Glidden rep that is in the store once a week to look at the quality  of the paint I purchased.  Problem is I used every drop of it to do one coat on a 9x13 sq foot room with 2 doors and one window.  Very expensive space. 

 I followed the video that HD put out on this site...still did not work.  The paint needs to be pulled and all of us credited back for our paint and suffering.  


Posted 2011-08-16T14:30:34+0000  by stage4you

I am having the same problems as described here.  I asked the local Home Depot expert about application.  She told me all I needed to do was roll it on.  I looks awful!  Is there anyway to mix this paint with another paint to get a metallic shine over a different color?

Posted 2011-09-05T17:11:39+0000  by joy
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